BigLenny’s Small EDC - E Kit:

For pure versatility, multiple carrying options and small overall footprint I use my OneTigris Modified SP Clawhammer Sling Bag for BigLenny’s Small EDC –E Kit.

In the Front zippered pouch I keep a Pen & Notepad, extra Leash, XL stainless steel Carabiner, roll of Doggy Bags, Knife, and Multi-Tool with Flashlight & Compass. Carrying an extra Leash is a good idea for several reasons.

In the Main zippered pouch I have a Med Kit & Med Gloves.

My go to EDC for day to day activities is the OneTigris Dragon Snail Admin Pouch modified with handles attached on top.

My EDC attaches perfectly to BigLenny’s EDC preserving the small and light carry.


BigLenny’s Large EDC – E Kit:

For my complete Canine Emergency Kit I use my OneTigris 50L 3-Day MOLLE Bushcrafter Pack.


In the Front zippered Pocket I keep a Pen & Notepad, roll of Doggy Bags, Flashlight, Knife and my Service Dog Organization Identification Card.

In the Main zippered Pouch I keep an extra Leash, XL stainless steel Carabiner, extra Collar, Med Gloves, and Service Dog Organization Folder (Manual, Marketing Materials & Notes). I have a Collapsible Water/Food Bowl in a Velcro pocket within the Main Pouch. In the Main Pouch I also keep a First Aid Kit, Pepto Bismol, Sanitizing Hand Wipes, Hydrogen Peroxide, Neosporin, Cortisone, Isopropyl Alcohol, Eye Wash, Gold Bond, Benadryl, and Duct Tape.

Additional Items Carried & Why:

  • Flashlight/Knife – I do not do anything without either, I call this part of being prepared. I would add firearm, but knife will suffice.
  • Extra Leash
    1) For the times you run into a stray dog on the road, at the park, etc.
    2) As backup if your dog’s current Leash breaks.
    3) It is important to remember that any dog when in pain will bite. If you MUST handle an injured dog, muzzle the dog first. You can do this with a Leash. Place the middle of the Leash over the nose just in front of the eyes. Loop it down and around crossing the Leash under the nose and then bring the two ends under the ears and tie behind the head.
    4) Safety measure in car so you can attach dog to carabiner without giving up Leash lead/control. Two Leashes, one stays in car, one is used with you and dog.



First example is using Leash handle loop as muzzle. If your handle is large enough this is nice and makes it somewhat easier.

Next and it is a little harder to see is taking the Leash over the nose like tying a shoe lace. Pics are not wonderful I apologize. BigLenny is sick so he gets an A for the effort.


This is something simple that every dog owner can do. Everyone in my service dog organization is required to load and unload the vehicle via the 2 leash method. It is something simple that is all about safety. And it does not add time or inconvenience.

  • -XL SS Carabiner – Safety measure inside vehicle. To connect inside your car so you can attach your dog’s leash to carabiner once you load your dog into the car. Prevents dog from running out of car when door is open before you are ready.
  • -Bowl – Always want to have something on hand to give your best buddy a drink. You get thirsty and so do they.

It is very important to remember that the Canine Emergency Kit and/or any E Kit you put together for your Furry Friend is not a substitute for your own First Aid Kit. They should be viewed separately.

Please check out all OneTigris gear shown and more at and do not forget to use “BigGoldenBear” discount code at checkout to get a discount on your purchase! My discount code again is in reference to my Service Dog BigLenny the original Big Golden Retriever often confused for a Bear or a Lion!!! No, I am not kidding. Haha!!! I hope you enjoyed and maybe even picked up a tip or two. If you liked, have a question, comment, or even hated it, please feel free to let me know at BigT! I’m around in the 1TG Forum

Credit: BigT, OneTigris LiFE Ambassador

(To be continued...)