Purpose: For me, this pouch is a perfect addition to any EDC loadout. It fits all the extra things I need to carry during the day. I had the original pouch like this, but I believe this iteration of the pouch is the best yet. It makes things a lot more accessible.

Functionality: Going alone with my last sentence, this is a very functional pouch and make it so much easier to access some of the more important things you need to get to during the day. The back zipper pouch perfectly fits a small Plano case where I put simple things I might need, such as q-tips, bandaids, medicine, and a few small tools. The front pouch is easy access since the zipper pulls all the way down, and flaps down to get full access to the bottom of the pouch. In there I have stored a writing pad, pen, permanent marker, knife, flashlight, chargers and duct tape.

Material: This pouch is made of 1000D nylon and has held up amazing. The zippers have held up perfectly fine with no issues, and the elastic nylon webbing have held up great and hold my knife, flashlight and pens in place. The cellphone pocket in the front works well, even though I dont really use it because for me, adding a phone to the pouch adds to much weight. Also the pen holder is high, and works great and keeps all writing utensils in place.

Quality: The quality in this pouch is great. All the materials are good, and everything is stitched and made very well. The molle attachments seem strong, and the buttons on them seem very strong as well. If you wanted to attach them to a pack, I think it would hold with no issues whatsoever.

RATING: 9/10

Overall:  This product is definitely an upgrade from the previous version I have. The things that have stayed the same work very well, but the new addition of the front pocket clamshelling works great to have faster access to some of the more important items you want to get to.

Credit: @edc207, 1TG