Purpose: Obviously works as a simple ID holder, but has a couple extra perks. To me, this ID holder works perfectly for an alternative to a wallet, with the added benefit of holding a pen as well. I used this when I went to a fair, and went to Canada on a trip. I was able to hold cash and my cards in it and felt a lot safer with it around my neck.

Functionality: Everything functioned exactly how they should have. All my cards fit perfectly, and the clear backing made it easy to see my ID. Also the pen holder held a multitude of writing utensils with no problems at all. I also loved the Velcro strap and holds all of my cards in place. Had no problems whatsoever.

Material: The ID holder is made of strong a strong nylon material and held up flawlessly throughout my testing. It replaced my wallet for one month, and held everything in place with barely any wear at all. Velcro, stitching, and the nylon material itself held up without any issues.

Quality: Excellent quality! Double and box stitching where needed, and all the Velcro seemed to hold perfectly. The pen holder didn't show much wear, and tried different pens and permanent markers and they all held well.

RATING: 9/10

Overall: This is a great product and would recommend to someone looking for an alternative as a wallet. Cant think of anything I would currently change at the moment, but will give an update as i use the product more.

Credit: @edc207, 1TG