I recieved this treat tote on April 28th, 2018 and have use it practically everyday since I received it. I am evaluating it three weeks later (May 21st, 2018) after seriously abusing it.

I'm going to rate this pack on a scale of 0-10 (0 being the lowest, 10 being the highest)


- I absolutely love how this pack looks! It looks nice and tactical, the mesh pocket on the front looks like good quality (seldom the case with mesh), the velcro patches are positioned nicely, however, the patch on the front face right over the pocket for the collapsible bowl tends to interfere with pulling out the folded bowl when there is a patch on it.


- I have a mastiff (drool for days) service dog who is trained to retrieve things for me, and I've asked him to retrieve his training pack (this treat tote) multiple times and the drool is easy to simply wipe off of the exterior. It has held up beautifully for the three weeks after I've been using it (honestly, been abusing it). 

- We've gone on training sessions to malls, parks, lakes, gotten it wet, went to the zoo, I mean we did absolutely EVERYTHING with this thing, and it's done incredible holding up (and keeping up).


-Mesh pocket: The mesh pocket holds so much! It holds doggie bags, my wallet, my phone and an extra bag of high value treats. The pocket is also see through so I can see where everything is and the band that holds everything in is also stretchy enough so that it can all be reached.

-Larger pocket: I WAS SO ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY THAT THIS PACK HOLDS ALMOST 3 WHOLE RUDY'S CUPS WORTH OF KIBBLE!!! This pocket is so HUGE and I absolutely love it. Since I work a mastiff and a german shepherd, having a lot of treats and food is kind of important. Not only can this pocket hold food, but it can also hold anything else I need. The top part of the pocket is manipulable, so I can open it to reach for things at the bottom or top just as easily. The inside pocket is also good with rejecting water from the outside, so if you were to have a phone in there and it started to rain, the phone would not get soaked. 

-Multiple attachment points for nylon band: INCREDIBLE! I love how many different ways the pack can be worn (great for working with different outfits) :D I also love that the band can be taken off completely, and the pack can be attached to a molle set up.

-Outter bands on the sides: The outer bands on the sides are wonderful to use D-rings to attach things like leashes, training tools (ecollar, extra prong, etc.). I actually found myself using them pretty often to attach things I was going to need often.


1. Treats for dog training 

2. Carrying extra food for short trips with dog
3. Side pack to carry things

Room for Improvement:

- The nylon band would kind of cut into my side at times when the pack was full of food and at full carrying capacity. Maybe making the nylon band a bit wider would solve this problem? Or adding padding to the inside.

- I didn't have any problems at all the with the front mesh pocket and kept my keys on the outside of the pocket, but if anyone put their keys in there the mesh may rip or get punctured. Also, if someone went hiking with this and fell or rubbed up against a risk or rough surface, it's a bit thin to take a scrape like that. Maybe making the mesh a big tougher or thicker would prevent this?

- I constantly would forget to close the zipper and had a tendency of spilling treats everywhere. I understand this is a problem not everyone would have, however, maybe a quick open kind of way to take a few treats would make training a little easier and the treats a bit more accessible?

(Above are pictures of the pack after two weeks of abuse!)

Credit: @iaranoemi.rez, 1TG