Last month we received the MOLLE Dog Treat Tote on April 30th, and it has been one of the best additions to our day-to-day walks as well as our hikes TO DATE! Before this, we had been using a small, homemade treat bag that held a limited amount of treats, and nothing else, and this was definitely and upgrade!

Product design:

We absolutely loved the design of this! Not only did it have ONE treat pocket (which zips, which is a must for us, as Mocha and all the other dog friends we meet up with, love to get up close and personal trying to sniff out the tasty treats inside), but it ALSO has a zipped pouch which holds the snap together dog bowl, and a mesh pocket in the front with an elastic band on top for any extras! We have yet to add patches to ours, but we love the addition of the velcro strip for any future patches we buy.

The versatility of the strap is amazing! While I opted to use the D-rings on either side of the tote and put the strap around my waist, I love the option of being able to put it over my shoulder as well, or attach it onto a MOLLE bag!


So far, this bag has gone on a few bike rides, multiple daily walks, and one 10k hike through the woods and waterfalls, and has stood up GREAT! Not only did our treats stay dry, but so did my phone (kept in the front zipper pouch) and we were never fumbling with buttons or going treat-less!

It hasn't shown any signs of wear on the interior or exterior yet. It's great to know it can hold up just like the rest of our tactical equipment.


We've been able to use this as a treat bag, a card holder, and a food container so far! It can be used in many different functions (I've even been tempted to use it just going out on my own so I don't have to carry a purse), and I don't plan on stopping.

Possible product enhancements:

In my opinion, I don't think it needs much in terms of enhancements. I love all the small details and features it offers. Only suggestion would be to maybe offer it in a few different tactical colours to match other products (such as tan or forestry green).


In terms of appearance, I think you did a great job at keeping the tactical look, while not letting it get too bulky. Some tactical bags I've seen in the past by other companies try to put too much in a small area, or use bulky materials. It looks sleek and fits in with the rest of our tactical gear perfectly.

We were so impressed by the overall quality and thoughtfulness put into OneTigris products, and can't wait to test out and review some more in the future!

These are a few shots we got! Unfortunately while on our hike, I forgot to snap photos of the pouch while everything was attached (i.e. carabiner with keys, water bowl, etc.), but I shall add those in the next few days, and onto our social media post this week! 

Credit: @mochaschnoodle, 1TG