-Heavy Duty 1000D Nylon and stitches, this shooting mat will last a long time!

-Nice dimension when open (58’’x29’’x0.3’’) and rolled (15’’x7”) (Sadly i was alone this day so i couldnt take picture of me laying on it)

-Comes in a storage bag, but.... (more on this later!)

-Color is great! The Coyote tint blend perfectly with my surrounding! (see pictures)

-Very comfortable, this litlle padding makes all the difference between a funny shooting session and a painful shooting session! (Even more when you're getting older like me!)

-Easy to clean but... (more on this later)

-Waterproof material! You NEED a waterproof shooting mat, ground is never really dry (except in the desert) and you need to make a barrier from humidity to stay warm... and if the ground is a little "squishy" (like mine was on this nice spring day), you gonna enjoy that waterproof mat!

-The Molle Webbing: Even if i forgot to bring my little pouches to fix to the webbing of the mat for the pictures, it's a nice idea to put molle webbing on it! Next time i'll add a "molle glasses pouch" and a "earmuff pouch" on it because keeping your gear "safe and secure" is important! I would also use the webbing to slip my "rifle multitool " nearby and also a little "molle D ring" to prevent losing my keys. 

CONS (and things i would change/update):

-This point its not for the mat itself but more the "storage bag" that came with: I'm not sure if Onetigris planned it to be a storage bag or not, but i would replace this cheaply made black zippered bag with a nice little Ripstop Waterproof (at least water resistant) bag (like the one i have with my Onetigris Hammock) because when you use it on dirty and soaky ground, the mat become very dirty and we can't always wash it directly after using it... so a little nylon bag would be nice to keep my car's trunk cleaner... I would also put (2) rings on the nylon bag to allow clipping of a shoulder sling or to clip on my bag (on molle webbing or even on the bottom part of the bag). A nylon bag would also keep the mat "dry" when carrying it clipped on a backpack, i know it's waterproof but i would prefer to lay on a "dry bed" than a "wet bed". You could also fix it on the mat corner to prevent losing it (again...same system than the hammock) and the pouch would be nice to hold little things like keys, wallet, phone...

-I would also add 2 plastic rings on the mat straps (when folded/rolled) to allow a quick clipping on a backpack (or using a shoulder sling) for quicked mouvement (and keeping the hands free for other stuff)... It's not always raining so the "nylon storage pouch" would be in the bag already (if it's not sewn on the mat)... and i don't have much space in my bag to put a rolled mat inside.

-When your moving too much on the mat, it's moving (seems logic) and could make some "waves" on the surface that you will feel when proning... Sure a "real sniper" don't move really much, but i do when i'm going from the spotting scope to the rifle to the tablet to calculate balistic... so maybe some littles eyelets on the corners would be a great addition to pin the mat on the ground with little "tent stakes" for more comfort. You could also use these eyelets with carabiners to suspend the mat to clean it with water from the garden hose and allow it to dry completely before storage!

-Even if the Coyote color is great for spring/fall time in Canada, i would love to have more color option like Multicam (4 season) or OD Green (summer) or even a white camo pattern for winter! Forget black... its too hot under the sun and have no concealiability at all even at night... Actually, i think you should make "mat sleeve" with different patterns to slip the mat inside... something like multicam on one side and snow pattern on the other, (or OD green on one side and Coyote Brown on the other) so it would be easy to switch between color depending on the ground we are.... (but it would make the molle webbing useless...)

-The 1000D nylon is great for durability, but under the mat its become very dirty when the ground is wet and even if it's easy to clean, something nylon seems it keep somes "stains". Maybe the bottom would be nicer if covered with the same PU leather than the elbow/knee stripes on the top. But im not sure it would be as durable as the 1000D nylon... 

Final Note: I have used this mat on wet and dirty ground (with a lot of branches under the mat) and even if the mat was not "laying flat" because of this, i didn't feel any discomfort when shooting and spotting. I also used it on a hard surface (old wood planks deck) and it was very comfortable, i really like the fact the mat is padded, it's make a nicer shooting session than my old shooting blanket. I will even use this mat this summer when i will go camping to use it as a "base sleeping mat". Stitches and materials are solid and i'm pretty sure it will hold a long time! My final note is a solid 8.5/10! Good job Onetigris! Another great product!

You can see here my little setup on dirty and wet ground: Spotting scope, rifle and tablet with ballistic apps!

Color blend well with surrounding: 

Testing it on "hard surface" (old wood plank deck) and still comfortable:

Because we all love gears and toys! I used only my tan rifle for pictures to blend better with the mat!

Here's my little mat 25 feet away and almost invisible! You can see it mostly because of my black spotting scope! I really love this coyote color! (If you didn't find the mat yet... it's in the middle of the picture, on the grass border left to the tree...same spot than the first 2 pictures)

Credit: @Heimdall82, 1TG