Function of this padded shooters mat is to ensure maximum stability, safety and operation of shooter. Used this mat for airsoft and must say that is very usable on fields where snipers are stationary and have great overview of fields. Mat have built-in molle system in front and can offer you customization with your own pouches where it is very easy to store magazines or any other needed stuff. You will receive mat in light protection bag which is easy to carry and you can store your mat inside. (Photo 1, Photo 3)

When we are here for style it doesn't mean lot to you because it is made to be used in hard conditions, providing you softer terrain because of padding. Because of that padding mat is perfect to use on uneven terrain and also on rocky parts of fields. I was using pad for 2 hours shooting to target and must note that comfortability is very nice and even terrain was hard there was nothing I could note that is problematic. (Photo 5, Photo 6)

is made from durable material, easy to use, easy to wash and most important, when you are lying on rocks and uneven terrain you can't feel any problems. 

You need only 15-20 seconds to spread mat and start using it. Also it is approximately 30 seconds to store it again.

has built in straps which can also be used to attach to your backpack and easy to carry around. 

When we came to size, I am 197cm and didn’t have any problems with using mat. When I put my backpack to stabilize sniper then backpack was on ground. If backpack is little bit on mat then my knees will go on end of mat or even out as visible from photo 16.

I must note that great thing is non slip material where should came your elbows and knees so that is big plus because you are sure that you won’t slip just before you push trigger. 


1) My opinion is that mat could be 10-15 cm longer just in order to have your knees on mat when you use backpack or something similar to stabilize your rifle.

2) Better quality protection bag because I break mine on second using (broken end of zipper) – if it is only transport bag than no need to improve this.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

Credit: @CRO_spiro, 1TG