If you and your dog are outdoor enthusiasts and you want to go backpacking with your dog, then you and your furry sidekick will get to bond through good times and great adventures. Before that though, you should make sure your buddy is adequately prepared for being on the road.

1. Get in some training

You can do some activities such as strength training and obedience training. These bonding sessions will help the dog and its handler be more mentally and physically in sync, and pave the path for optimized experiences for both.

2. Get your dog a jacket

With your dog’s well-being in mind, the OneTigris team created the ACHILLES Bomber Style K9 Jacket. The ACHILLES is designed for use in cold weather to make the outdoors more accommodating for the dog, and is a very practical item for hiking, backpacking and camping trips to stay warm and comfortable.

The ACHILLES’ heat retaining fiberfill material keeps the pup warm, and its sturdy nylon outer shell is dirt/wind/water resistant for long-term use. Along the edge you’ll find a light reflective trim for enhanced visibility at night, which makes it the perfect dog jacket for winter when the night is longer than day.

3. Get your dog mats

Besides outdoor canine jackets, we also have sleeping mats that are great for both indoors and out to give your pup a cushioned, personalized space to rest, and less cleaning duties for you.

Fans of our popular under-quilts can attest to the usability of these pet beds as they are basically a mini version of our under-quilts, handy for quality lie-downs from the living room to the backyard, and for outdoor camping spots.

4. Tester wanted

As is standard with most OneTigris gear, we offer gear testing opportunities through our forum 1TG.ONETIGRIS.COM to those who are willing to give us honest and practical product feedback after sampling the ACHILLES, and all dog and gear enthusiasts are invited to share their thoughts and comments on new products by connecting with us through the forum or our Instagram page.

5. We are listening

As a team of dog and cat lovers who also love the outdoors, we are very excited about and proud of our indoor/outdoor pet gear, and so grateful towards gear users willing to give us feedback to help us do better:

Never hesitate to comment and share your gear use stories or product suggestions! We’re listening!