The FIRE WATCHER has been a classic OneTigris dog vest for as long as we can remember; its popularity is largely due to the rugged tactical style and functionality, yet it’s affordably priced, offering great value for money. Despite all this, OneTigris is always trying to better and to perfect this star item, and we’ve been able to make the FIRE WATCHER as close to perfection as our customers believe it can be, thanks to the feedback of these very people - our users. As many of you will know, over the past 6 years we’ve made various improvements on material, size fit and harness accessories, and now the FIRE WATCHER of 2021 is as mighty as ever.

So what improvements to the FIRE WATCHER have been made this year? First of all, the MultiCam version is now available, using US licensed and imported MultiCam fabric. If you think MultiCam is only about the army, think again. It represents durability and strength, and is now commonly seen in everyday products and even in the fashion industry. With such a significant color addition to our tactical pet gear line, we make sure that our craftsmanship is also up to standard so that product quality can be felt and seen in each item. You’ll find reinforced stitching in the MOLLE system and the straps so that the FIRE WATCHER continues to rock in style and in strength, because that’s what OneTigris gear is about.

Thanks to the feedback of another product, the X DESTROYER K9 Harness, we’ve also released the long-awaited for double metal buckle version of the FIRE WATCHER for stronger dog breeds and body builds such as the Doberman, Rottweiler and so on. The metal buckles aren’t just any metal buckle; you’ll find the OneTigris logo carefully engraved as they are specially made accessories for this mission of product upgrade and development. Needless to say, OneTigris metal buckles are pull strength tested, as are the UTX-Duraflex buckles, and their tested pull strength are 220KG.

For those of you who prefer tactical gear or tactical styled gear, or those who have heard about OneTigris and our products, or even those of you only now have just begun Christmas/New Year gift-shopping, take a look at some of the tactical dog gear we have on the shelf. You might find your next favorite go-to dog gear staring back at you. If you’re leaning towards dog vests with metal buckles, you can check out the X DESTROYER and FIRE WATCHER at or our other online stores, and you can browse through Instagram to see all our pet gear in action. No matter if it’s daily walks or training needs, Team 1TG got you covered.