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1TG Ambassadors


Joe de Jesus is a prior hospital corpsman (enlisted medical specialist) in the US Navy. Since he was 9 he dreamed of owning a Doberman, and that was the first thing he did when he moved to a place big enough for Newton the Doberman. His wife Juliana wanted a fluffy dog and that’s where Koper came into the picture! Newton and Koper represented OneTigris at AirsoftCon 2019 in California and were the stars of the event in their tactical gear.

“I felt proud to represent a brand that cared so much for its clients and provided nothing but the best quality gear. It was great being ambassadors and getting to meet members of the Airsoft community!”

- Joe de Jesus @Newtonandkoper -


Seàn is a British veteran, former Bomb Disposal Specialist. After operations throughout the world including 2 in Afghanistan, Seán was employed by the US government to help Syrian people move home by finding and destroying IED's left behind by Daesh (ISIS) in homes, schools, hospitals and streets. Whilst Seán was in Syria he found a dog he lovingly named Barrie. She was buried underneath a school and it took him and his team an hour of digging to get her out. Since that day Seán & Barrie have been inseparable; they have helped each other through hard times and PTSD which they both suffer from.

Seán & Barrie love adventure and getting outdoors to see what the world has to offer. OneTigris shares similar views: Great adventures can't happen without trustworthy kit! And if you can look good doing it then it has to be with OneTigris gear.

- Seàn & Barrie


Ashley is an artist, outdoors enthusiast, and multiple chronic illness warrior living in Los Angeles, California with her multipurpose service dog, Rosie. Thanks to the support and medical alerts Rosie provides, Ashley can live an rich and independent life. As a team, they have had adventures ranging from flying across the country, visiting national landmarks, and even camping in over four national parks. Ashley recently introduced a new upcoming service dog in training into her pack, so the adventure duo is now a trio. You can follow their adventures at @insicknessandindog

- Rosie & Ashley -


Hercules is an airport wildlife control officer, the guardian of Yeager Airport (CRW) and "airport sweetheart" for many with his good looks and floofy charm. The handsome 3-year-old Border Collie and his primary handler, Chris Keyser, reside in West Virginia. While he loves patrolling the 280-acre-airfield, it's not his only job. He is also a comfort animal to offer a caring paw to first-time-passengers. When he’s not busy with those two jobs (Hercules is one busy K9!), he is also an excellent public relations officer who brings smiles and sunshine to CRW every day.

- CRW Hercules -


Greg, Bett, Marx, Zoe, Flo and Hoop are wildlife K9s dedicated to the job, and national celebrities who get a lot of media coverage! The team patrols jobs sites in high visibility protective gear to ensure birds and wild animals don’t hinder each project or jeopardize their own safety by being where they shouldn’t be. They're owned and trained by Rebecca from Flyaway Geese, one of the industry’s leaders in providing professional bird management and geese solutions through humane, PETA approved solutions.

- Flyaway Geese -


Denali is a key member of the anti poaching units from Global Conservation Force (GCF), an international environmental organization focused on protecting endangered species and preventing wildlife trafficking. She and her handler, Natasha Frolander, currently work and live in South Africa. Denali is in training to learn how to track and apprehend poachers, detect gun oil, pangolin scales, rhino horn and ivory, in an area effected by multiple poaching pressures. She’s a proud mama to 9 Malinois puppies, 7 of which are in training for the same mission - Go, Team Denali! 

- GCF Denali -


Phoebe is a fluffy and magnificent Samoyed hailing from Scotland. She lives with her parents Chris and Sarah outside of the city, and her favorite pastime is to be with her favorite humans and getting all four paws extra dirty while embracing the wild. Phoebe is a natural as a model and has posed for many OneTigris products, and while she gets heaps of compliments when geared up and looking tacticool, she never lets fame go to her head, because that particular head is always busy looking for the next adventure!

- Phoebe the Samoyed -