To all the Wonder Women of this universe, thank you for being awesome. Here are the lucky winners of our Mother's Day giveaway!





"I’ve always been an animal lover, even in college I was smuggling in stray kittens and puppies into the dorm. I started fostering years ago when a friend of mine posted a dog who’s time was up at a local county shelter. For some reason I couldn’t get the image of her face out of my mind so I went to the shelter to pick her up and ended up working with a rescue because she had severe health issues… As you know vet bills can get expensive so it’s great to have a rescue to work with to alleviate some of the financial burden.


"Once I found a home for her, I fostered another, and another, and another, lol. There are just so many that need help! It’s really sad. It’s been therapeutic for me too finally be able to use my passion for animals in a positive life-changing way. I’ve met so many great families along the way!"






"Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.


"My name is Julia, and the handsome fluffy boy next to me is (Dari Intan Putih) Perak! He's an almost 7 year old white Swiss shepherd and we live together in the Netherlands, when we started looking for a new companion 7 years ago we where set on one of the female dogs from the litter, Perak's sister who's named Pucat was set to come live with us. My father who came to help us pick out a puppy noticed Perak right away and decided he should be coming home with him, and I'm very glad he did exactly that! Perak grew up as my fathers dog, but we quickly started bonding together. There was just this amazing connection that we had. At age 2 I started doing agility with Perak, and from there on our bond grew even stronger. Years went on and my father came to realise how happy perak and I made eachother, he signed ownership of his beloved dog to me! This was the greatest blessing I could ever receive, and now years later I have both Perak and Pucat at my side, we have been on many trips within."





"My name is Lisi and I am 21 years old and I live in Austria. I have a rare chronic disease called EDS and some more. I want to live my life the best way I can and still do things that makes me happy, even if it's harder. That's why I got Jucan. He is a 7 months old service puppy and in training to be my service dog. He is my lifeline and gives me the strength to move on and stay mobile. Jucan is my soul mate. I also have 2 Swissy dogs, Tony and Barli. Sadly Tony needs a wheelchair. All my dogs use 1TG Gear, because it's strong and looks fantastic. So to all disabled people amd animals out there: Stay strong! 





"Last year, our apartment adopted an angel Molly. She's smart, gentle, friendly to everyone! I was a "cat" person actually, but she changed my life. One day she came to my door, wants play with me and my cat. Suddenly there was a man banging on my door, scared the hell out of me. She was just like 3 months old? She stood up and shouting at the door! I never heard that she made such loud voice before. This cute little thing was trying to protect me!!! After that she came to my house everyday and she loves me just like I love her! Now she grown up, had 5 babies on Mar. I just want to say, I'm happy to be your mother, and I'm proud of you to be a mother! Happy Mother's day!!"





"Happiest mamma’s day to all my fur frens!!! Dis my mamma and she is da bestest to me and my dad! Frens tanks your mamma’s fur all da treatos and lovin’s dey gives us!!"


"Oakley is a 2 1/2 year old Newfoundland. We have raised her since she was a puppy. She trains as a water rescue dog. She brings out the best in people who meet her and we enjoy spreading her love! We have been using 1tg gear since she was big enough for a harness. Keep up the good work!"