The sandy trail curls lazily ahead of me, the smell of pine in the fresh morning air. Mushrooms grow on some trees and on the old trunk rotting in the shrubs - I like their white against the green moss. The season is changing, adorning the trees in lovely orange yellow and greens - there is a bite in the morning breeze...

As I stopped to catch my breath I fumbled through my edc sling-bag and think how this faithful little bag has come to be the first thing I grab when I venture off: not everything has changed since so many many years ago when I was still a little boy: I can still remember the dusty play-ground, and the constant heat. Our little group of kids shared the little we had as best we could, but my favourite bag would never leave my side. It was a brown cloth bag with a strap of canvas that one of the older girls sewed on for me. Inside was MY stuff: a little roll of wire, a few elastics, piece of twine, three marbles (I remember one was a dark blue - the others I don’t know.) there was also a piece of gold paper wrap from a chocolate we once shared and the old “Okapi” pocket knife that was once my dad’s... These were the things that always went with me, it made me feel I could take on the world. Not unlike the bag I carry today - granted the golden paper and marbles have made way for a power-bank and notepad, but it still gives me that feeling - the feeling that I am prepared. This is the worth of my piece of tactical gear: a companion that change the way I look at my day. With a few cords I’ve braided it to be uniquely mine - like no other one can ever be. Is it wrong to think of this as a friend? One that is always there where you are.

Credit: Sandspoor, OneTigris LiFE Ambassador

(To be continued...)