My dog is 6lbs, 13” around her chest, 11” from neck to tail. 


The XXS is working great. My dog is the smallest that the vest could fit and she seems to be very comfortable in it. We’ve only got to wear it around the property because of quarantine but it’s much better for her then the XS. I see some we’re having issues with the chest strap cover but hers stays in place perfectly. Although she does not bother other dogs sometimes larger dogs still come after her and she can be lifted easily & quickly by the handle on top and doesn’t seem to be phased or uncomfortable during a lift. Great product.


Credit: @Stevieann88, 1TG



We’re absolutely in love with the fit of the XXS Beast Mojo! It’s very visible too, which is very important for Tessa’s job. She doesn’t mind wearing it one bit (compared to the XS). At the moment the only possible changes I could think of, is the padding that covers the chest strap.. It’s very loose and tends to get twisted. Other than that, all is good on our end!


Note: The padding is a lot wider than the strap... But when in uses it’s not as noticeable.

Credit: @phoenix.osborne, 1TG





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