Product was received and has been in use for the last month on a daily basis. 


First off, I really like color combination and would like to see other products with the same combo.


Goes without saying, quality and craftsmanship are top notch. I used the double phone pouch in a couple different ways. Initially the outside pocket was used to carry my Goal Zero battery pack/charger and my phone on the inside pocket. Plenty of room for both. Having the extra layers of material for the inside pocket provided more insulation for my phone and helped insulate it from colder temps which in the past has drained my phone battery.

Currently using an IPhone in an Otterbox case. Now that the temperatures have warmed up, I carry the phone in the front pocket and my Cassette wallet and other EDC item in the zippered pouch.


There had been mention of having a pass through hole to allow the phone to charge while carrying both a charger and a phone. You can get around this by leaving a space between the zippers for the cord to pass through. A six inch charging cord is plenty long enough to accommodate the on the go charging.

I wouldn’t change anything with this product as I think it meets everything that it was designed for. I tried it with different IPhones as well, and it carries two phones with no problems.


Credit: @Dean Cattell, 1TG




Finally had the time to test the ROC Bottle Holster and here’s a little review.



- holds and fits most Nalgene type bottles securely
- weight is light enough to be unnoticeable
- straps and buckles are strong and reliable



- with the open sides, possibilities of puncture may happen
- May think of including 1 extra elastic for securing, the loss elasticity quickly
- If you’re looking for a stealth look, bottles are too visable


The following is my synopsis on the ROC Bottle Holster:


Appearance - for the first time user, the does not have the traditional bottle holder shape so it could easy fool you. The design behind it is well thought out being simplistic yet very functional. When you’re not using it, it is small and doesn’t flop around or get in the way. Nice and compact.


Material - I found no issues with the material. Straps and buckles are reliable and rugged and can withstand all uses.


Quality - Absolutely no complaints about the quality or its durability.


Functionality - the purpose or function of the Bottle Holster is to do that, holster your bottle securely and it does exactly that. While walking you cannot feel it moving around from side to side and holds firm into your pack. Access to the bottle is easy.


Recommended changes - include an extra elastic as they lose elasticity easy and would require change. Have an option for a thermal insert for cold weather applications.


Credit: @Spartan69, 1TG