Tactical Collar with Patch Space - Service Dog Approved!


The tactical collar with patch space has been FANTASTIC. I have tested it on both my own service dog (standard poodle) and my friend's service dog (boxer lab mix), and with both, it's been amazing. We also had a few of our IPO dogs try it out, and it went great as well.

  • Day 1: We tried it out with a patch on it and walked around campus. The patch was visible, and everyone thought the collar looked very professional. The reflectivity was GREAT.
  • Day 2: Used it on the field. Did great with even our heaviest of pullers. Fantastic quality handle for such a lightweight collar.
  • Day 3: My service dog was so comfortable in it, he napped. He usually cannot do this in his larger handled collars.
  • Day 4: Had a great time running around and playing in it in the mud. As soon as we were done, wiped it off, looks good as new.
  • Day 5: Went training in Walmart with the service dogs. At one point, someone questioned my dog because he wasn't vested, but I was able to point out his patch on the collar. No more questions asked. Amazing.
  • Day 6: Walk at night on the trails. Perfect visibility with the reflection, and the patch stands out nicely. Great quality d-rings, as well. Just perfect.


Overall, we LOVED the collar. I can't wait to finish the YouTube video!



Credit: @arlotheservicedog, 1TG