Looking for something totally tacticool for your pup? Are you looking for a tactical harness which will outweigh all the other ones on the market and make your dog stand out from the rest? Then look no further, this review is definitely for you.



Just recently I have been looking for a tactical harness for my dog and come across a whole host of different types of harnesses that do a whole host of things but nothing was really catching my eye. Whilst I was doing my research, I had to bear in mind that my dog is rather bulky and is a very awkward size since he’s a mixed breed. 


I needed something that is very strong and robust but at the same time something which is going to offer him support and comfort.  It was necessary for it to have space for pouches for his poop bags and his toys; such as his favourite ball! I also wanted it to have a velcro section for some uber cool airsoft patches – I know, I don’t ask for much!


After searching for countless hours, saving various harnesses to my bookmarks and measuring an unconvinced Sparticus (my dog), I was ecstatic when I came across a fantastic range of products from OneTigris brand which offer The Power Rocket K9 Harness.


Naturally, I was drawn to this harness as I have previously used OneTigris products before, including an airsoft face mask and I was incredibly happy with the purchase. (Separate review coming shortly!) So what makes this harness stand out from the rest?



Ease of use


The first attempt to put this on the dog was something out of a comedy sketch show. He would not keep still! It is a little fiddly to start off with, all due to trying to ensure that all straps are correctly adjusted to provide a secure fit. However, once you’ve managed to crack it, it is super easy to get on the dog without repetitive adjustments. Best thing about it, there are many ways in which this harness can be fine-tuned to offer a perfect fit for your dog.




Well thought out design featuring a whole host of comfort for your dog. There are 2 straps with attached clips across the stomach and behind the front legs and two straps around the front of the chest – including a strap on each side of the shoulders to securely keep this in place. The inside is also slightly padded for optimum comfort.


On the back of the vest there is a large Velcro patch as well as 4 rows of molle on each side to compatible with any molle pouches. The mesh is breathable and the nylon is lightweight and durable. It is also water, dirt and abrasion resistant. I will add that Sparticus did not overheat or excessively pant whilst he was wearing this harness which is another important positive for me!



Key Details


500D Nylon, 380G Mesh, UTX D-Flex, 3 inch Nylon Webbing, 2mm Neoprene Fabric


Black only


-2 Grab handles at the front and rear of the harness
-Adjustable front chest strap
-UTX Quick-Release buckles
-Large Velcro patch on the back for those all-important morel patches


Strength Test:
253lb/115kg for front and chest straps
-264lb/120kg for leash clips
-330lb/150kg for grab handles



Neck– 22.8ins-32.3ins/58cm-82cm

Chest – 25ins-31.9ins/ 63cm-81cm
Back length- 15.8ins/ 40cm


Neck- 25.6ins- 39.4ins/58cm-82cm

Chest- 35.5ins-41ins/ 80cm-104cm
Back Length- 19.3ins/49cm


-Extra Large
Neck- 16ins-33.5ins/40cm-85cm

Chest- 21ins-39ins/ 53cm-100cm
Back- 21.5ins/55cm




How to measure your pup


Measure around the chest from the shoulder blades to above the front legs. When measuring around the belly, make sure to measure the widest part behind the front legs and finally from the nape of the neck to the tail. Compare this with the sizes online and you will get the perfect fit for your tacticool pup!


Always measure your dog before making a purchase! OneTigris harnesses are NOT designed to bear heavy weights and I advise against relying solely on the grab handles to carry your dog.  When loading up pouches for a dog harness or pack, for most dogs, 10% to 12% of their body weight is a good starting point for loading up dog packs. This would be 5-6lb for a 50lb dog, or 2.5-3kg for a 25kg dog. Of course, the right amount depends on several factors, such as your dog’s breed, physical fitness, and energy level.



AR Verdict


So, if you want, or need a heavy duty yet versatile tactical harness for dogalicious adventures, then this product is definitely for you. It towers above its competitors and has a wrath of features in which not only will offer great value for money but also gives your pup that tacticool look. 


Overall, this is a very well thought out product and I would highly recommend it, I think Sparticus would too!


Finally, a huge thank you to OneTigris for sending me this fantastic product to review!


Credit: Written by Jade Bromfield, Edited by Kamil Turecki 

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