"A while back we were contacted by OneTigris to join in testing their new multi-use dog cape! OneTigris is known for creating durable and trusted tactical dog gear and we’ve owned a few harnesses from them previously! We’ve only had one outing with this harness tonight while we ran to the store and got food, but already I’m loving the convenience of this cape!


The cape is nice and lightweight for Jasmine, and it’s a nice, simple design. There’s tons of velcro space for any and all patches, not to mention the pockets which have ample space for carrying medication, backup gear, and other equipment. Plus, the color blends in nicely with Jasmine’s coat, which doesn’t make her stick out like a sore thumb, and helps the patches be more noticeable.


Only downside I would say so far is the shifting from side to side, but we’ll be adjusting it later since this was the first outing. Stay tuned for another review later as we test it out some more!"


"Just wanted to update. I took the harness out as a cape attachment to my harness, and already noticed that for a BLD harness, it doesn’t work well. the clip is too large to fit through the attachment point, it took me ten minutes to push through and quite a while to get it out. i think for some harnesses, adjustments may have to be made to the strap and attachment point of the cape to fit on the attachment point of certain harnesses. i’ll attach photos below. and it was a bit bunched too, but overall it’s been a great cape other than the attachment point issue! yeah! and maybe a longer strap? some harnesses are just so different haha so that it’s not bunched up with the harness."


Credit: servicedog.shepherds

I have not used it enough to come up with any improvements but so far I don’t see anything wrong with it and mine does not slide around since I properly adjusted it! I know someone testing it out that said it slides around but I havnt experienced it. The only thing right now that I can think of is a little more padding on the straps like a comfort padding on the girth around the belly and maybe one in the front!"


"This is a service dog harness that converts into a cape to attach to a mobility harness! This is a prototype of @onetigris new service dog harness. It has molle on each side, bungee cord on top, zippered pockets on both sides, breathable padded mesh fabric underneath, a D-ring on either side perfect for a pullstrap, and snaps on each side to secure to a mobility harness! It’s not for sale yet, we are testing it out and sending feedback to them about it! It’s been our favorite vest so far because of the practicality. It has everything I’ve ever wanted all in one. Brantley can wear this alone and still do grounding and guiding without wearing his mobility harness all the time. It’s super comfortable for him, I love the color it blends in and doesn’t draw anymore attention. You can fit a lot of patches on here but I only like adding a few! The only thing I would change is more padding on the chest and girth strap that’s it! We love this thank you so much for letting us be apart of testing it out! There will also be an updated gear haul on my YouTube channel soon where I show you this in detail if your interested!"


"Haha but seriously we’ve used this harness so many times now and it’s by far our favorite one. It’s just so easy and practical. I will get photos of it being a cape soon! I will put some low quality pics of it on my story if your interested. Just getting ready for Christmas this weekend!"


Credit: couple_of_mals

"We were selected by @onetigris to test and review a prototype cape/vest combo that they’re working on, and boy were we excited when it arrived. It was a perfect fit for Rosie as both a cape and vest, and fit perfectly with her existing harness. The vest features two shallow pockets, velcro top and side paneling with MOLLE loops, a removable ID panel, and D-rings for a potential pullstrap. The construction is sturdy as always when it comes to OneTigris products, and I love the ability to switch between the two modes of cape and vest, depending on what your needs may be. They’re still working on a few details, but I imagine they’ll be releasing this product soon!"

"I gave the multipurpose cape/vest a thorough test yesterday and loved it. It was a perfect fit for Rosie as both a cape and vest and fit perfectly with her YupCollars harness. The pockets are great, construction is fabulous, and I love the adjustability in switching between the two modes of cape and vest. I especially like how you handled the excess strap webbing on the belly, and suggest that maybe you add that to the chest as well if possible. I have no complaints, other than that you should definitely make this in black. All of the rings are in the right locations, and I’m very happy with the design. The ID panel was a nice touch."


Credit: rosietheservicedog

The ID holder looks like it would let the item slip from the angle it's at.
The pockets were nice. I think the zippers going in one direction rather than both in opposite
Also the back of the cape is super squishy and I like it. The other cape was more of a fabric
So it seems more comfortable and more of a protective barrier."

"The belly strap is too short, otherwise it is perfect.”


Credit: asia.and.lotus