On first review it looks big, but that may just be because the Holder is padded to protect whatever you put inside. Further inspection the Holder is very good quality per usual, MOLLE compatible, webbing on 4-sides, drain hole in bottom, large Velcro patch area on lid closure, snap-buttoned straps, 2 plastic D-rings, shoulder strap, bungee cord tied top to secure items and small pocket under lid.

Small Pocket Under Lid for lens cleaning cloth, ID, other small items

Bungee Cord Tied Main Pouch

D-Ring for Shoulder Strap/Webbing/Bungee Cord Tied Top

Small Lid Pocket/Main Pouch Drain

Large Velcro Patch Area on Lid/Webbing

Webbing/Snap-Buttoned Straps/MOLLE Compatibility

The Usual & Always Expected "OneTigris" Snap-Buttons

BigLenny with Modified FireWatcher Harness & Binoc Holder

Both the main compartment and the lid rims have some kind of firm material giving the outline structure. The open/close area of the holder is very defined and rectangle while the bottom of the holder is more like a dump bag with no real defined structure. 

The magnet-closure really is pretty strong. With binocs in I held upside down and shook without the bungee cord tied and the lid did not open. This is not to say the lid cannot get jarred open.

The magnet-closure does not make a sound opening. It can be opened easily with one hand if the bungee cord tied top is not secured. Now it is a different story as to what you have in your holder as to whether you can get it out silently, with one hand, and/or if you can get the secured bungee undone with one hand silently as well. Also just a general impression from my prospective and I could be totally wrong here, but it seems to me that the size of this holder would keep you from using in situations in which silence was absolutely necessary. I'm just thinking because it's too big for a duty belt and as you will see even big mounted on a pack. But I'd actually love to hear from you guys who do use it in that way and how and in what scenarios.

Con: The way the sides of the top of the Holder lid lay when closed can snag when walking through what I'd call light woods/brush, Heavy contents can push lid open, The strap does not seem of the same high quality as the Holder, Bungee closure prevents spills but also prevents one hand ease of opening, Anything metal on way past Holder attracts to magnets.

Suggestions: Add a Handle on top of the Lid, Add a Buckle to Secure Lid to Main Compartment. These two items alone increase functionality and increase possibilities! I'd like it if the bottom were more structured like the top so it was squared at the bottom as well. Right now this Holder is a little Big to fit on a Duty Belt. I'd Like to see the same Shape but Additional Smaller Sizes Available, more like a Pouch.

Pros: Great looking. I mean come on. That's kind of a given right. Very well made, feels durable. Great protection on the inside. The padding all around makes whatever you put in feel secure. The bungee closure locks down tight and again gives you a feeling that your things are safe. The magnets there are like 5 of them are pretty big and a lot stronger than I was expecting. The Magnets are the one thing that really surprised me. Holder has a lot of room, but it is also a big Holder (that could be good or bad depending on how you look at it). MOLLE compatibility if you have something to use it on. It worked best on BigLenny's harness of all the things I tried it on. 

I really like this probably more for the closure method but I like it and would but it. If the strap were upgraded, a handle added as well as a buckle I'd go buy one today!

This is one of my pairs of shooting earmuffs. I said I'd try to remember to put a pair in so here they are. As you can see they fit perfectly. I couldn't get to my gear bags so this is what I had. I thought this pair with a little different shape might be an issue but they fit good as well. 

I took these to give you some kind of frame of reference for the size of the binocs Holder. This is a 3-Day 50L 1TG Pack that I mounted the Holder on.​

Credit: @BigT, 1TG