Initial thoughts : 
Packaging is amazing, I simply love your bags, big logo to be proud of and tidy zip-locked in the bag.
The velcro is really strong, stitches appear to be flawless and the rubber band that holds things in place is stretchy and strong.

Functionality 10/10 : 
Being a simple carry/holding bag there is not much room to mess it up, and that is exactly what OneTigris did not do - mess up. It is superb executed and simple enough to be functional enough so it gets boring - in a good way, It really does everything you expect of a carrying case.

Versatility 10/10 :
It can be used in multiple scenarios, most of them do not have to be tactical at ALL, the rubber bands that gold the items are stretchy and hold things tight. The only obstruction is the height of the item, if it is too high for the bag, the bag will not close.


Other Specifications 9/10 : 
I love the front velcro panel for the patches, the bag is of a nice size for any handgun owner to take to the shooting range and fit all his magazines and other items.


Again, maybe if there was a color choice that would be great, and also maybe a version where there would be straps on one side for the actual gun and mag places on the other side, for example my G19 replica would most definetely fit in it.:)

Verdict : 
It is a cool bag to take to the shooting range, does exactly what you expect of it.


Credit: @dometnik, 1TG