I enjoyed this mesh tent so much. It is very lightweight, and sets up really fast. I really like the tensioning system for the tent pegs. I put a OneTigris tarp over top and set it up like a Whelen tent that allowed cool breezes to flow from the creek all night long. 

I had my headlamp on all night long and I never got bit by a single bug lol. I would love to have a ground cloth to fit the bottom. It would be so freaking awesome if you guys could come up with something like that for a Whelen setup. They look like the old Baker's tents anyway, but I'm getting off the subject lol. I loved it and I'm looking forward to more summertime trips. Oh yeah and I didn't wake up all sticky like other tents. 

The only thing I can think of is a zipper in the front in addition to the ones on the side. Maybe a ground sheet and a little bag sewn in for odds and ends out of your pocket while you're sleeping. It is a perfect tent for hot weather and without the tarp got a beautiful view of the sky. 

Credit: @jayson parker, 1TG