I’ve collected a few pieces of OneTigris gear and thought I would show something a little different. Pictured is the padded patrol belt with 2 Doppelgänger pouches, one Sniper water bottle carrier, one Tiger Claw water bottle carrier and one detachable EMT pouch.

For fun I included the drop down platform which I attached my knife and saw. The patrol belt is available in both medium and large, if you are close to the cutoff measurements I would encourage you to go with the large. This complete kit can carry fire starter, multitool, compass, GPS and all the small items in the Doppleganger pouches. The Sniper water bottle carrier can carry a 32 oz water bottle and water purification in the outside pouch. I’ve used the Tiger Jaw for my cook kit, as it allows for a wide variety of adjustment. The detachable EMT pouch carries a huge first aid kit. There is still room for another pouch on a he drop down platform. Overall, one would have everything they need for a daily excursion in to the wilderness. 


Improvements: I would add some D rings at the top of the belt and maybe at the bottom to allow you to clip on things that may not fit in the pouch. In addition if there were padded shoulder straps that could be attached to the belt, you could increase the capacity as you could add pouches to the front of the straps, add the Dragon Snail pouch as a chest kit, and maybe a detachable pouch hat could carry tarp, hammock, food etc depending on the size. The web vest that OneTigris had listed maybe a viable option to attach to the belt. 
Everything is accessible without having to take the belt off. This belt would also make a great belt to pull a pull (sled) in the winter if there were solid attachment points (D rings).


Credit: @Dean Cattell, 1TG


Note: This product is no longer sold at the official website and will be replaced by an upgraded belt harness. You can still find the patrol belt on Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, and Wish.