Our team uses these Tactical T-shirts almost every recent game we have participated in. These shirts are very versatile for airsoft games. Indoor or outdoor. When we first received it, we were impressed by the fine texture and quality.

The shirt is very lightweight. Almost feels like a thin shirt, but is surprisingly durable. The flexibility around the sides and the arms makes is comfortable to move around in any stance or position. 

We have ran, rolled, crawled and hugged corners in these shirts. Playing in small debris and rough terrain, the fabric held pretty well. After 5+ months of playing in these shirts, not one shirt has been unwearable. The breathability is excellent. In indoor games, compared to Condor brand shirts, you'll find yourself feeling a lot more cooled out than feeling too warm. After a whole day playing, 4 of our 6 guys that were wearing these shirts were not heavily drenched in their own sweat compared to normal t shirts. The neck collar gives you that extra sense of protection from bb's. It can cover the neck a bit so its not entirely exposed. However, if this is not your preference, then you can always fold it down. The space for your morale patches is a +1. Cant go to an airsoft game without some morale patches. What better way to represent OneTigris than to slap their velcro patch to these shirts.

Pros :
- Breathability. Easily cooled down 5-10 minutes after every game lasting 1-2 hours.
- Flexible and durable. Definitely lightweight. 
- Comfortability. Doesnt feel stiff or heavy. You can feel the smooth fabric inside. Doesnt feel itchy. 
- Cheap, but fairly good quality.
- Matches OneTigris Foldable Mesh Masks and helmets.

- Needs more colors ( brown, green , tan, dark grey ) 
- Longsleeve version?
- We did wear this in a cold morning (roughly 45° ). Wind went right through some of us that didnt wear extra layers. Had to wear an undershirt at the very least until it started getting warm again.


Credit: @WarRonan, 1TG