Good sides

1. The Shooters mat is made of high quality materials, in the conditions in which I tested it, proved to be very responsive to the challenge. Cordura material is a very good material for this type of use, I do not feel any sliding of the body while lying down.

2. The Molle system at the top of this shooters mat is very efficient for setting up ammunition or magazine holders.

3. Great shooters mat small compact that you do not have any problem with the carry anywhere .

4. The addition of winding and unfavorable reinforcement holes is so small detail, but so well taken care of and of great benefit. Although the fabric at that location should be strengthened because there is a splitting of material due to the ostrich metal.

5. Waterproofness is a big plus. Do not be bothered if the wet base on which you are placing the shooters mat, just set it up and you have no worries. You can set up a mobile device or whatever you want and you do not have to worry about it.


1. The lower part of the shooters mat could be slotted or filled in some places or margins with a bit of rubber, because in my opinion too many slider shooters mat on asphalt and concrete surfaces where u cannt imobilize it .

2. Lack of space in the upper part, all of these things are the same in the upper and lower part, but if you stretch the heel portion on both sides by 10 cm so that the elbows are not out on dirt would be a great advance in comfort and look at progress and innovation. (img 3753 to see what im talking about )

3. Positioning the pocket beside molle with the possibility of closing, it would be a great inovation because you can not watch where the chartridges fly and whether they will hurt something of your belongings. Or u can just put some prersonal belongings and close it up while u are seting up targets to shoot.

All in all, the rating for this product is 9 out of 10. (my personal oppinion) 

I would like to fill the lack of elbow seats and a little more space on top, but it was a great thing and it was my turn to do a review. 

Credit: @Ghostbuster.airsoft, 1TG