The Wild Voyager Padded Shooting Matt is 147cm long, 74cm wide and 8mm thick. What does that mean to the average bear? Well at 5’10, when I was laying on the matt in the prone position, my heavy points of contact (knees and elbows) were perfectly lined up with the two strips of non-slip material. So from what I see, they took the two points of friction for the average size male and put in a non-slip strip. Seems like a pretty smart idea to me.

Continuing with smart ideas, they set up the Molle system in the front part of the matt, so if you’re looking to keep your shooting site organized, and keep things from being moved around you have the option to strap it down and all with in arms reach when you’re shooting.

Now when most people think shooting matt, I’m sure they imagine some massive carpet or yoga matt looking thing for them to carry around. But with the Onetigris shooting matt you get none of that. In fact what you do get is a compact tactical matt that is designed for easy storage and use. You can use the very simple handle or attach it to any pack. It takes less than 30 seconds to get it laid out and the same time to get it packed back up.

Possible tweaks:

Although the shooting matt in general is great, there are some minor tweaks that may help out.

1. Wings – yes I said wings. When some people get ready to shoot they will line up either straight on to the target or angled. When a shooting angles their body they are pointing somewhat diagonally away from the target and shoot across either left or right of their body. You can turn the shooting matt if you want, but a possible nice feature could be a pair of fold out wings to widen the matt for the shooters legs that now go across the matt.

2. This would be more of a suggestion to buyers then to the actual company, but to purchase some water proof spray and spray the matt down at least on the under-side to help protect it more.



I found this matt to be very comfortable. In a rocky quarry laying on various shards of rock and dirt, one might not think this to be a comfortable setting for shooting. However with the matt I felt none of the bumps and stones beneath me. In fact I found shooting on it to be very comfortable and where the weight on my elbows and knees during firing, but still very comfortable. Good product, solid price model. The stitching and material are tip nitch, no frayes all clean and perfectly sewn together. This is the typical high standard of quality I have come to expect from Onetigris.

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Credit: @Therookiehunter, 1TG