After months of uncertainty and persistence, the T'Farge Comfort Airsoft Masks are finally making a comeback. It's been a hell of a long wait but well worth it. Why? Here's an overview:




This exclusively licensed half face mask for adults, in collaboration with Division S.I.X., effectively prevents fogging and offers a better fit with its advanced, ergonomic nasal bridge design and highly pliable TPU construction. The knockoffs you see elsewhere are not tested, not authorized, and just incredibly uncool because they don't give the designer the credit and respect he deserves for this awesome face gear solution for the airsoft community.


The mask offers better flexibility and solid protection, the result of much time and effort spent on shaping the mould and on material upgrade to make it as comfortable as possible without compromising its functionality. We worked relentlessly with Division S.I.X. during COVID-19 from opposite sides of the world, conducting tests and making improvements, and at long last, the project is complete. The T'Farge Comfort is now available in both the original version and an additional ear pro version, with 5 color options including MultiCam® and Multicam Black®, only at 1TG!

For those of you with a sharp eye for good gear, check out this one on our official site, Amazon, or Aliexpress store.




A brief intro and reminder for those of you still dazed from a long hiatus:


Division S.I.X. began with the vision of providing Airsoft and Mil-Sim Operators with a new style of lower face mask that will not only protect your mouth and teeth from CQB range BB hits but will also give the cheek-weld required for a great sight picture every time. Its founder, Nikira Garcia, is a designer/airsofter, and a good friend of Dan Foofighter from the Reaper Crew Airsoft.


Get you hands on one of these babies and let's celebrate good gear. #onetigris #team1TG

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