Finding the purrfect harness is usually a mission for many adventure cat owners. Honestly, there are just too many options on the market! Luckily, I have recently tried a wonderful harness which I can’t wait to share with all of you.
Let’s begin with some of the most important questions when looking for a harness.
  • -What are the functionalities and benefits of the harness?
  • -What is the right size for your cat?
  • -How to ensure that the harness is put on correctly?
  • -How to adjust the harness to ensure it is the right fit?
I’ll be discussing each of the questions in this article to make sure you feel equipped for an adventure cat journey!
Now, let me introduce you to OneTigris Claw Enforcement Harness. One of my favourite harnesses for my cat, Archer!
OneTigris Claw Enforcement Harness
The Claw Enforcement Harness is designed and created by OneTigris specifically for adventure cats. Click Here to access their official website for the harness. 
This harness comes in two colours – Coyote Brown and Ranger Green, which totally makes your kitty look like a purrfessional wild explorer! Our absolute favourite is the Ranger Green colour that complements Archer’s yellow eyes and grey plus white fur!
Since felines are usually smaller compared to our canine companions, this harness is specifically made for cats, and comes in two sizes – XXS and XS. I will talk about how to find the right size and fit in the next sections. 
I’m sure you’re wondering, what’s so different about this harness compared to others? Well let’s talk about my favourite features of the Claw Enforcement Harness!
The first feature is definitely the adjustable straps on the neck AND the waist! Yes, that’s right! One of the biggest struggles I have found when looking for a best fit cat harness is that the neck area is often too loose! Since most harnesses only allow pet owners to adjust the waist area, it was nice to have the neck area adjustable as well. 
Of course, knowing that our cats have various body sizes and shapes, this makes it even more difficult to find the right fit! With the Claw Enforcement Harness, you CAN make sure the neck and the waist are perfectly snug for your cat to avoid any accidental slip-outs. 
On to my second favourite feature, it is definitely the length of the overall harness. Most of the harnesses Archer has tried usually extends to the back, which restricts his movement when he walks. However, with the Claw Enforcement Harness, Archer has the complete freedom to explore without too much bodily constraint. He definitely enjoys and appreciates that liberty, more than anything, while we are outside!
My third favourite feature, which is a detail many adventure cat owners often overlook is the ease of putting on and taking off the harness. I can definitely empathize how our kitties absolutely hate to have the harness over their head. Since the neck area of the Claw Enforcement Harness is adjustable, it makes the harness so much easier to slip on! Archer doesn’t have to struggle every time we put on or take off the harness. This is definitely a win-win situation for the both of us.
Now onto my final favourite feature, the cute Velcro stripes on the back where you can actually put ANY patch you want! I haven’t had the chance to put a custom-made patch yet, but I can’t wait to get one saying “purrfessional adventure cat”! It just makes the harness more personalized and unique; plus who doesn’t want to stand out?!
How to Measure Your Cat for the Right Harness Size
One of the first questions you might be wondering when buying a new harness is, what is the right size for my cat? Don’t fret, let me help you make the right decisions!
Before you decide on the harness size, measure your cat to make sure you have their latest body measurements. Our kitties’ bodies does sometimes change to the season (summer versus winter), which means they may have gained or lost a few pounds. So, it’s possible your latest measurements may not be the most up to date one. Go whip out that measuring tape and find out their most recent body size.
The general measurements are:
  • -Neck Size: The circumference of your cat’s neck.
  • -Front Chest: The width from shoulder to shoulder (front view with the cat facing you). 
  • -Back Length: The length from the base of your cat’s neck to the end of the back (right before the tail begins).
  • -Chest/Girth: The circumference around your cat’s chest and back or around the area behind your cat’s front legs.
Now that you have a good idea of your cat’s body measurements, you can definitely make a better decision on the best size for your cat’s harness. 
As for the size of the Claw Enforcement Harness, the most important measurements are the neck and chest/girth areas. The measurement ranges and sizes for those areas are posted on the official website; check it out and pick the best harness size for your adventure cat!
As a rule of thumb, you should allow one finger or so to fit underneath the neck and girth/chest area to ensure it is not too tight or loose. In addition, keep in mind that the OneTigris Claw Enforcement Harness has adjustable straps on both areas, so you could have the flexibility to adjust the size for a comfortable and snug fit.
How to Put on the Harness Properly and Securely 
Horray! You’ve waited and finally received the harness! Now, here’s the REAL exciting part, how do you put it on properly to make sure it is secure?
Sidenote: For the first timers, we know our own cats the best. It will be a challenge and struggle to get your cat fitted into a harness, as some are fidgety while others will refuse to wear a harness. Just remember, it does take time and patience to get your kitty used to a harness. By end of it, your cat will be glad to have put on the harness because of all of the amazing trips that they would be able to go and explore. Refer to the section (scroll down) in this article for Tips for Putting on a Harness for first timers.
Now that you have the harness in your hands, adjust the size of the straps to a few inches bigger than the actual size of your cat’s neck and chest/girth; so that it will not be uncomfortable for the cat when you put it over their head and around their body.
Then, unclip the buckles on the girth/chest straps to let it be loose to allow more room for your cat’s body to go through the harness.
Our goal is to always make sure your cat has a positive experience throughout the process of harness fitting. Therefore, stay patient while you slowly put the harness over your cat’s head and wrap it around their body.
The next step is to place your cat facing away from you with their tail nearest to your body. Then, lightly hold onto their chest or belly with one hand, and pick up the harness with your other hand. Slowly slide the harness over your cat’s head with the OneTigris logo and mesh side hanging on their front chest. 
Once you have the harness over your cat’s head, and around the body, securely button the buckles at the waist area, and make sure no cat fur is stuck in between the buckles. 
Yay!! You have successfully put on the harness. It’s time to talk about how to adjust the harness for the best fit.
How to Adjust the Harness for the Right Fit
Now that the harness is properly put on your cat, let’s make sure it is adjusted to the right fit. We all know that cats are master escape artists and they’re good at magically getting out of their harnesses. Therefore, it’s so important that we make sure the harness is the right fit!
One important thing to do is to check to see if you are able to fit a finger or so underneath the neck and waist areas. This will allow room for the cat to move around but not easy enough for the legs to be wiggled out.
Since we wanted to make sure our kitties are feeling positive with the whole process, take off the harness while you are tightening or loosening the straps to avoid any discomfort. Then, adjust the neck and chest/girth straps until it is the best fit.
Once you have the fitted length for both areas, cut off the excess straps on the waist area. If you are able to, use a lighter to gently burn off the end of the straps to secure the straps without any unravelling.
Finally, tuck in the cut straps underneath the loops on the harness to ensure the straps are even and not folded; it will ensure no excess straps are hanging out.
Here you go! You’ve got the harness that is the right fit for your cat’s neck and chest/girth! What are you waiting for? Go on a journey with your adorable cat! It is time for an adventure!
How to Take Off the Harness
After some exciting adventure with your beloved kitty, now it’s time remove the harness.
To take off the harness, keep your cat in a static position. While they are facing away from you, lightly hold onto their body. Unbuckle the harness at the waist area, and gently take it off of your cat’s head.
If the neck area is tightened to your cat’s neck size, adjust the area to a larger size to make it easier to take off of your cat’s head. 
In addition, since you already know, one of the best features of the Claw Enforcement Harness is that the neck area is adjustable which makes the entire experience simple and easy!
For First Timers - Tips for Putting on a Harness
For many adventure cat owners, it may be their kitty’s first time ever trying on a harness. Of course, we all know that cats naturally despise constraints on their body, and will want to Houdini their way out of it.
The first thing to remember is to ensure your cat has a positive experience with the harness. Trust me, it will go a long way in the future when you try to train your cat for the outer environment and more adventures.
Since it is your cat’s first time trying a harness, take your time and be patient with them. I would recommend to only put on the harness over the head at the beginning without securely buckling the harness all the way. This way, you could gauge your cat’s reaction with the harness, and determine the time required to train them to be comfortable with the harness. If your cat has a positive reaction to the harness immediately, continue to secure the buckles.
Congratulations! Your cat has put on their FIRST harness ever but that’s not the end of it! Make sure you provide them with lots of treats for a positive reinforcement. 
For more adventure cat tips, stay tuned for my next blog on how to get your cat comfortable with a harness and leash in OneTigris Claw Enforcement Harness!