The frequently asked question. Which one do I want? Which one do I need? Allow me to break it down for you in a simple checklist so you can make up your mind and move on to figuring out what to have for lunch. 

Now that I’ve listed all of the pros and cons, you should have figured out which you want. Something that’s more versatile in terms what the things you carry, go for the backpack; something that’s more for the urban traveler with less volume and more style, go for the messenger.

Two bags for example – if you want a more visual comparison – are the HU Messenger and ROVER 35L Pack. Both tactical bags of Cordura Nylon, MOLLE compatible, laptop pocket equipped and so on. 


HU Messenger costs about USD10 more than ROVER 35L, but it works as both a messenger bag and office bag thanks to its removable straps. It has a lot more functions to offer than the average messenger bags on the market and it has a unique breathability backing for a good day out on your bike. If you’re leaving from work for evening activities in the city, the messenger would be more ideal for the bar or restaurant, and on buses and trains. Messenger bags provide quick and easy access to stuff you carry, but would be a strain on the shoulders if you pack for more than a day.

ROVER 35L will help you to carry more whilst offering even weight distribution for your shoulders, perfect for trips away from the city, and it has a handy front compartment with lots of pockets for organizing your stationery and EDC. This is more of a pack for the average users and it has side pockets for carrying your umbrella, water bottle, etc. Most backpacks allow you to pack for up to 3 days' light travel, offering 20-50L pack capacity, or let's say 10-15kg of contents.

By the way, the ROVER 35L comes in 5 colors:cool:. Great, more options for those who have trouble making up their minds!

Last few things to note, if you’re going for the backpack, remember to think about what you “don’t need” and what you “might need” before you overpack or leave something out. On the other hand, if you’re going for the messenger, know that they tend to be pricier than backpacks but they last relatively longer than backpacks because of its style and build.

There you go. Happy choosing!