Careful and consistent care of OneTigris products will ensure that they stay in good condition and have a long shelf life. In this article, we will share tips on the proper way to clean nylon-made dog gear.

  1. Tips on dog hair maintenance
  2. How to clean OneTigris dog gear
  3. How to clean gear accessories
  4. Common mistakes that shorten product lifespan


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  • Tips on dog hair maintenance

Before you start removing dog hair from gear, here are a few tips on dog hair maintenance and excess dog hair prevention to efficiently tackle the task:

Groom your dog regularly and keep him/her on a good diet.

Remember, regular grooming with a healthy, balanced doggy diet helps to build a healthier and shinier coat that’s easier to manage! Hair loss in dogs can be caused by an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the food they are eating. Grains in food are common allergens and can cause an allergic reaction, whereas foods with essential fatty acids will significantly help in preventing excess shedding.

Vacuum your home often

Excess fur and dust buildup will cling onto your furniture and dog gear, making them harder to clean. Vacuuming regularly can prevent your house from being occupied by dog hair.

Teach your dog that closets and sleep furniture are off limits

Sometimes it’s necessary to keep your dog out of the bedrooms by using pet gates or other tools to minimize dog hair buildup and to keep clothes and bed sheets out of your dog’s reach. It’s also very handy to have lint rollers around for the removal of dog/cat hair.

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  • How to clean OneTigris dog gear

First, clean dog hair from surfaces

  1. Remove by hand: If there is not too much hair, pinch them between your fingers and remove the hair manually.
  2. Lint roller: A lint roller is a quick and easy tool for removing hair from dog gear, furniture and garment surfaces.
  3. Rubber gloves: Try using rubber gloves or gently rub your hand against the surface you wish to clean in a downward motion. The hairs should stick to your hand or the glove thanks to friction.

Remove visible dirt - After cleaning the dog hair, use a non-abrasive tool such as a toothbrush to scrub and remove any visible dirt on the entire harness, collar, leash, pack or jacket. This will make the cleaning process easier and prevent mold.

Wash the entire product by hand - Use a mild, pet-safe detergent and a soft brush or sponge to remove the stain. Then rinse with clean water. Make sure that you rinse the item thoroughly so that all soap residue is removed. This will prevent your dog's fur from becoming matted when dry and also prevent any irritation caused by residues.

If the dog gear smells bad, try soaking it for a while before washing it, and repeat the steps above.

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After washing, do not wring out the wet webbing or other fabric parts on the harness. Wrap the item in a dry towel to remove and absorb moisture. Then hang it outdoors or in a well-ventilated area to air dry. AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT that may permanently damage the materials and cause it to discolor.

For washing dog gear in the washing machine - It is NOT recommended to machine wash OneTigris gear. But if you can’t avoid it, follow these steps: First, remove visible dog hair. Then, put the item(s) in a mesh laundry bag using a mild, pet-safe detergent, and wash and rinse in the washing machine with a few towels to prevent damage to the gear and the interior walls of your washing machine. Finally, air dry and avoid direct sunlight.

Once again, we do not recommend using a washing machine to clean dog harnesses, collars, leashes, packs and jackets. Only do so when absolutely necessary.

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  • How to clean gear accessories

Patch Panels - Close all the panels with hook patches, and/or put your gear in a mesh laundry bag, and use the gentle cycle with a mild or regular detergent. Air dry and avoid direct sunlight. To remove dirt, use a shallow brush or twizzler to catch most of the debris. When clear of dirt, the panel should stick again.

Regular cleaning of buckles and D-rings is also very important. After each use, take a dry cloth to wipe clean metal surfaces; should signs of material oxidation occur, use a small amount of toothpaste to gently cleanse the surface.

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  • Common mistakes you should avoid that shorten product lifespan
  1. Do not dry items in a dryer.
  2. Do not dry items under the sun.
  3. Do not use unsuitable detergents/soaps that may include fragrances, preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals.

Your furry pal may look badass in dog gear, but regular pet grooming and gear maintenance will help him/her feel comfortable while looking cool. Keep in mind, though, that both hooman and doggo gear will wear and tear with time, and replacing worn items will maximize comfort as well as gear performance. The OneTigris Team is always trying to come up with new looks and gear upgrades that may just catch your eye and meet you and your pup’s needs!

Do you have any cleaning tips or anecdotes to share with the community? Comment to let us and 1TG fans know!