We all expect Christmas this year to be a lot different from previous ones, and many people are still getting used to the new, strange norm while getting creative with more time spent at home. Since our last article on indoor workout ideas, we’ve listed some fun stay-at-home camping ideas for those of you itching for a taste of the outdoors again.

Pictured: OneTigris SMOKEY HUT Chimney Tent

Living Room or Backyard Tent Camping

What is it about sleeping in a tent that just feels so different? Is it the fresh air, 3-season breeze and open sky that we find so refreshing? Or is it the nostalgia of feeling sheltered in a fortress set up in your own living room? When it comes to easy setup tents, we have lots of experience to share. Teepee tents not only look cool with its Indian shelter feel, it can be very quickly set up with just a trekking pole or tree branch at the center, making it a highly lightweight shelter option for many. Don’t have a tent? A tarp with a sleep mat also works!

Credit: English Woodsman on YouTube

Outdoor Cinema

If you have a projector, try setting up a tent or a tarp cover and watching a movie in your backyard. Light it up with Christmas lights or candles and make a mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine to enjoy outside. This will make "movie-going" fun and different, and you'll be staying safe in the comfort of your own home.

Pictured: OneTigris OUTBACK RETREAT Camping Tent

Camping in the Air

For people with easy access to trees or have hammock stands handy, stay warm and cozy this winter with a hammock and underquilt! Both pieces of gear are portable and compressible, meaning little storage space is needed, and this is a great way to make lockdowns a little less boring. If you’re too lazy to set up hammocks, try using an underquilt as an ultralight blanket. A lot of us at Team 1TG do it because it takes up less space but is twice as warm as a camping quilt. Underquilts are also handy gear for travelling/backpacking (hopefully soon!) when you don’t want to carry a sleeping bag but need a full length down cover when on the road.

Pictured: OneTigris KOMPOUND Hammock

Credit: @shunsuke_harashima

Play Some Games

Bring your board games and poker cards to the balcony, patio, or backyard, and enjoy it in a different light! Can’t recall any good camping games? Gore-Tex has a great list of games that can easily be taught to children and adults alike. One of our favorites is the Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Hunting Game, where you create a list of things that you can find outside of the house for others to find and complete the list. When playing this game, encourage them to take pictures instead of removing the trail treasures, though, so they can be enjoyed by others again!

Credit: @iwandesuyo.ja12 

Hot Tent Adventure

Some tents come with a mesh inner tent for catching the breeze, and some offer stove jack openings for burning stoves for the winter season. If you have a tent with a stove jack opening, you can enjoy sleeping under the stars even when it’s chilly outside. OneTigris has several tipi/pyramid tents that offer this option, and our users love to use them on hiking trips, safaris, or for bushcrafting purposes. During these trips, for them it’s always a bliss to be able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the wild, and that’s how we later came up with mini stoves for people to enjoy nature with. Ever tried toasting marshmallows in your own backyard?

Pictured: OneTigris ROCUBOID Splicing Stove