We asked ourselves the question: What's the most important element for campers? The hundred-buck-gear? The weather? Think about the word "outdoorsman". The definition is a human being in the outdoors. Many of us have a backpack, some sneakers, and a weekend to spare.


But we wonder, "Where to?"


This is how we came up with the idea of an adventure map. It doesn't have to be rocky and dangerous to be an adventure, so long as you walk into the wild and find the place that fills up your lungs with fresh air and inspiration. Take a look at some of the adventure spots around the world gathered so far, and see if you can find inspiration to venture out into the wild.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Justin Holdstock


"It's my favourite place in Saskatchewan to hike and camp. Unlike anywhere else in the province, it has canyons (Saskatchewan is known to be flat)! Being nested in the foothills the Rice River canyon is a one of a kind experience, forcing you to hike in (and out) all of your gear up the rocky river. Fossils, old growth trees, moss beds, black sand river banks, and ancient rocks litter the river. For the hardcore hiker, I couldn't recommend any place more exotic."  

Trehörningen, Sweden

Charlie Öhman


"This is a beautiful spot along the Sörmlandsleden path. It offers so much, fireplace, shelter, lake bathing and the park maintenance office even supply fire wood. The sun sets on the other side of the small lake which gives opportunity to have a gorgeous evening by the fire." 

Newfoundland, Canada

Chris Hillier


"Newfoundland, Canada has the lowest population density in Atlantic canada. Which makes most of the wilderness unexplored and pristine. It also has a very unique image, which tests your gear, and your skills."

Keno City, Yukon, Canada



"If you want to know what it’s like traveling to the edge of civilization and then stepping beyond then Keno Yukon is the place you need to go... the unmolested views stretch over the horizon, terrain is boreal to alpine, truly one of the most amazing places you’ll ever visit... just drive a little past the sign post and start walking where the trail ends.. the only company you’ll have are the voices in your head and the native wildlife... probably the most incredible and secluded place I’ve been."


New Brunswick, Canada

Tim Feetham 


"This is a really great trail that spans from Fundy National Park up to Riverview NB Canada 72 km of beautiful scenery and amazing hiking. Great for anyone looking to do a 3 - 5 day hike."


Galloway Forest, Scotland

Colin Russell 


"I camp all around the Galloway forest every weekend, rain, hail or snow. It would be great to win one of the prizes to test out in the wilds of Scotland. I just love the great outdoors so any new equipment to help me enjoy what I love doing would be gratefully appreciated and well used, fingers crossed." 


Flinders Adventures

Ontario, Canada


"It’s on the river near the town I live in. It was one of the first places I camped with my wife and very quiet on a small island. It has everything you need for a fun trip including fresh water."


New Brunswick, Canada

Wayne Kullcraven Russell  


Hallstadt, Germany

Carlos and Jessica

"In Rahmen des OneTigris Campspot Contest stelle ich euch einen meiner Lieblingsplatze vor und zeige wie wir dort unser Zelt aufbauen." 


Share your favorite camping/adventure spot with the rest of the world and help us to compile not just a location list, but a treasure map that motivates people to head out and enjoy the wild.



1. Stay safe out there and don't jeopardize your own or others' safety!
2. Follow the 7 C’s of camping: Care, Caution, Cleanliness, Common sense, Conservation, Cooperation, and Courtesy.
3. All prizes are NOT exchangable and NOT refundable; standard warranty applicable.
4. Contestants are limited to one submission per person.
5. Submission can be for one or multiple recommended camping/adventure locations.
6. Submission language not limited to English; subtitles will be highly helpful though!
7. YouTube video submissions have a higher chance of getting votes and winning!
8. Six weekly best submissions will be chosen by 1TG staff and announced on 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/05, 11/12, 11/19.
9. Three top prize winners voted by the public from best submissions from week 1-6 and announced on 11/29.
10. OneTigris reserves all rights of final interpretation of event rules and its decisions.