Wild camping Scotland. Out in the forest in the rain to do a review and comparison of the two OneTigris Rubicoid wood stoves, the original and the new evil eyes. Cooking up some bushcraft breakfast.

Credit: @Colin Russell Scottish wild camper

I was selected to test the Rocuboid Evil Eyes stove which I have now had the pleasure of doing. I already own the original Rocuboid so used this for comparison.

Firstly, the case. The material is of a great quality and the Velcro is certainly strong enough. It does everything it should to house the stove and keep it ready for the next use. I love the colour but, cant help but think a darker tone or even black would be better just due to the fact that your putting a fire blackened and sooty stove away.

Now, the stove. The size of the evil eyes stove is much more usable than the original due to the larger feeding hole and the bigger top surface area. The material gets a thumbs up for me, would take this over titanium any day. Just feels more substantial and like it is made to last.

The stove does what it should. Its great for making a brew or cooking on with a pan or grilling rack. Gives a great effect when glowing from those evil eyes.

The only thing I was let down by (not massively) was the smaller corner joints if you will. Once the stove has been heated and warped (as to be expected) the corners do not want to stay pushed together so well or, keep springing apart. I believe that the larger square ones like on the original smaller Rocuboid would be much better and would hopefully eradicate this small problem. Other than that, may if not on this model, the offering of a small grill that's made to fit the top so you don't have to take an extra piece out would be a nice touch.

Other than that, I love the look, feel and style of the stove and look forward to many more uses.

Credit: @Tatt282, 1TG