This year’s World Mental Health Day (Oct 10th) comes at a time of change and much uncertainty. The lingering impact of the pandemic will continue to affect every one of us well after the storm has passed. We’d like to take a moment to pay tribute to all the medical professionals from paramedics to nurses, doctors to counselors, who have selflessly stood in the frontline of this global battle. To all who have endured hardships and are still struggling, you are not alone. There are people who are willing to listen, and there are self-help techniques that can teach you to identify and deal with difficult emotions. While we, the OneTigris Team, are located on the other side of the world for many, we try to stay connected by donating gear to NGOs that support multiple good causes with hopes of making the world a little bit brighter!

On that note, here are some uplifting stories from our K9 Ambassadors that may just bring you a smile.

Sean & Barrie the War Dog 

“The pup I rescued from hell rescued ME.”

Sean Laidlaw and Barrie, our K9 Ambassador, has moved many with their story of reunion and battle with PTSD, which they both suffer from. A veteran from the UK, Sean found Barrie in the rubbles of a school in Syria when he was employed by the US government as a bomb disposal expert. In short, he adopted her, and she saved him.

“Barrie definitely kept me sane… Having a companion, is one of the best things to help with PTSD.” - @sean_lilo


Phoebe the Samoyed  

"The darkest nights produce the brightest stars” - John Green.

“This little star has a great day today. We went to Kelvingrove Park where we chased squirrels then visited Cru Specialist Pet Shop and got lots of tasties. Followed this up with a visit to Mugdock Country Park where she chased crows, rolled in mud, dived in the Loch, said hello to some ducks and played with other doggies. Now we are having a bath and we are not happy. What did you do today frens? Love from Phoebe.” - @phoebethesamoyed


Flyaway Geese 

“The Flyaway Geese team is stuck in Jackson Hole Wyoming! Stuck is a strong word. Blessed to have amazing friends is a better word. The RV broke down in Utah and our dear friend Steve Miller came and picked us up off the side of the interstate. It’s amazing to find someone willing to help when you are with 10 dogs! We are so blessed to have great friends across the country to help when we are in need. Transmission is blown but the dogs are happy and views are spectacular!” - @flyawaygeese


CRW Hercules

“Spotted - a B-29 at Yeager Airport! Also Hercules is so majestic.”

Hercules is an airport wildlife control officer, the guardian of Yeager Airport (CRW) and "airport sweetheart" for many with his good looks and floofy charm. While he loves patrolling the 280-acre-airfield, it's not his only job. He is also a comfort animal to offer a caring paw to first-time-passengers. He is also an excellent public relations officer who brings smiles and sunshine to CRW every day. See more amazing work pictures of Hercules in action here.


GCF Denali

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” – Carl G. Jung.

Denali and her handler Natasha Frolander are key members of the anti poaching units from Global Conservation Force (GCF) that focuses on protecting endangered species and preventing wildlife trafficking. Denali is trained to track and apprehend poachers, detect gun oil, pangolin scales, rhino horn and ivory, in an area affected by multiple poaching pressures. She’s a proud mama to a litter of puppies in training for the same mission. You can follow their stories and read about their missions here.


Newton & Koper

The tactical duo are Instagram stars with a major following, and they are the beloved family members of 2 prior US Corpsmen. They sport OneTigris gear everywhere they go, and were the stars of Airsoftcon 2019 in California, an annual gathering for tactical gear enthusiasts. The K9 models are constantly trending in the pet media world, with many inquiries into their tactical style and attire. You can see more of their badass pictures here.


Ashley & Rosie the Service Dog

“The biggest change Rosie brings me is confidence.”

Rosie is inseparable with Ashley, a young artist living with BP-I, GAD, and chronic migraines. These combined means Ashley can get anxious around large groups of people, in crowded spaces, and when encountering loud noises. Rosie stays on alert and offers a calming, comforting paw whenever a panic attack comes about.
“She grounds me… I know she'll be there to calm me down.” - @insicknessandindog