OneTigris K9 Ambassadors are a busy bunch, some have hectic social lives on Instagram replying to fans and friends around the globe, and some are working dogs on even more important missions.


Flyaway Geese, owned by Rebecca Gibson, is one of the industry’s leaders in providing professional bird management and geese solutions through humane, PETA approved solutions to specific environmental niches. In short, a team of smart and dedicated border collies with natural, no-kill herding skills.



The A Team consists of Greg, Bett, Marx, Zoe, Flo, and Hoop, all 6 of them are proud 1TG K9 Ambassadors and currently on a very important mission in Fort Wool, Virginia. 


The decommissioned Fort Wool was used to sight and to strike approaching British ships around 200 years ago, and now it’s home to thousands of seabirds that go there to nest. Flyaway Geese was hired to patrol a neighboring construction site and to herd the birds away from the site to Fort Wool. Their job is to teach the birds the area near the construction work isn’t a safe place where they should live. 


How do they do that?


The team gears up in working vests, safety boots and goggles, and deter the birds from landing near the construction site. Their tactical vests with light reflective strips and bright patches help with visibility when working in outdoor or low light conditions, the boots protected their feet from jagged rocks and rough surfaces, and the goggles protect their eyes while helping them to see the birds in the air.



The Flyaway Geese team, along with a group of wildlife biologists, will remain until September when the tunnel expansion project is over, and they are already getting a lot of publicity on local news channels and social media pages: WBTV, Virginian Pilot, VDOT, JBLE... 


Video Credit: VDOT


Among our K9 Ambassadors, there is also Denali and her pups from Global Conservation Force, working with professional anti-poaching teams in South Africa. CRW Hercules from Yeager Airport is on the airport wildlife control team and also works as a therapy dog. Newton and Koper are online celebrities with a big following, and they were the center of attention as our K9 models at Airsoftcon last year in California. We also have Phoebe the Samoyed from Scotland, Rosie the Service Dog from California, and The Dog Coach with his entire doggo team. 


All our ambassadors help OneTigris to test gear and offer valuable feedback, and at such strange times, it’s always very uplifting to hear news of them not only staying safe and healthy, but being active and taking each day in calm and confident stride. 


Photo Credits: Flyaway Geese