With Christmas shopping looming ahead for some, it’s time for another gift guide to give you some inspirations. Ranger Club UK is a Ford Ranger owners club with members across all of the UK owning stock vehicles to heavily modified ones. They enjoy 4x4 off-roading, camping and showing off their pride and joys as well as heavy drinking (not all at the same time).

Its founder, Lewis, is ready to share a gift idea:

“If you are a neat freak like me or even just care about your vehicle you will want to see these OneTigris products that you can deploy in your car / truck. Not only are they functional and help you keep your shit together but they're really well made as well.”

OneTigris IRONCLAD Seatback Organizer

The seatback itself doesn't provide much in the way of storage or organization. It’s still in my opinion the most important bit of kit and you will need this as your base to start organizing.

The IRONCLAD attaches around the base of the headrest and the point where the seat pivots, this provides a secure mounting solution to start adding your pouches and accessories. It does provide a well thought of medium sized internal pouch to rectify the fact that it blocks the seat’s factory road atlas holder.

For accessories and pouches it took me a few months to get to a stage where I was happy with the mounting orientations, layout, and specific pouches I wanted to use. I ended up with the following; which is working really well...

Bottle Holder 506

Although named a ‘bottle holder’ it can be used for so much more. It’s large enough to fit the biggest / fattest bottle and has a mini compartment that could be used for medication or a snack. It comes included with a shoulder sling so perfect to take on a hike. Saying this, I have mine permanently mounted behind me on the IRONCLAD full of reusable carrier bags.

ARMOR ONE Horizontal Phone Pouch

A great device holder that I’m definitely not using to its full potential. Big enough to fit most modern phones whilst providing protection. It would be ideally mounted on the MOLLE Duty Belt.

Glasses Case 04

A simple, easy to use, hard shell glasses holder. I have this mounted on my seat back with my sunglasses in for when the sun finally decides to grace the UK.

TQ and Shear Pouch / Flashlight Pouches

I include these in the same category as they are a great universal size to fit most handheld items. If I had to pick my favorite it’d be the TQ Pouch, it’s well thought out to fit a tourniquet and shears with a bright red release strap to attract your attention. I use a selection of these pouches to house my 2 handheld radios and flashlights.

Lunch Travel Toiletry Pouch

Designed to be a toiletry bag with room for the big bottles and 2 smaller compartments for toilet bush, toothpaste and medication. It’s perfect as my work lunch bag that I've been using for 6 months straight. Room for my thermos, sandwich, snacks and fruit. I put my keys and change in the smaller compartments.

While this item is no longer available, the TACTI-TECH Travel Pouch is a great alternative with customizable and removable compartment barriers for different occasions and different needs.

Tactical MOLLE Tool Organizer

A discontinued product but a great all rounder for organizing the little things, lighter, knife, plasters, torch, notepad, etc.

This item is also no longer available but the MultiCam® Roll-Up Tool Pouch is another excellent tool organizer with 12 tool slots to hold all hand tools and stationary.

For the main cab:

I’m rocking a MOLLE Visor. At the moment I just chuck my patches on there (an increasingly growing addiction). I also had a SHOTPUT ID Card Holder laying around that I removed the velcro card holder bit and stuck it to the visor so I can keep my drive-through coupons in!

Before we post any more gift ideas, here’s a throwback to another EDC gift guide by OneTigris for those of you who enjoy good gear and creative solutions. 

Credit: Lewis, Ranger Club UK