Happy 4th Birthday to OneTigris! Hurray!

#1TLife New Gear Line is Born! Hurray!

Looking for 1TactiLife Ambassadors! Hurray!

Come work at the OneTigris Embassy and help us promote a tactical lifestyle with everyday gear!​

What We Are Looking For
5 outgoing, inspirational geardos with a knack at writing or video production to help us promote a tactical lifestyle through our Ambassador Program from September 2018 to the end of this year.​
OneTigris Life Ambassador Entitlements

(y)• OneTigris Life Ambassador Kit: Ambassador Card, banners, OneTigris logo patches, t-shirt, notebook and notebook stickers
(y)• Featured on official website as OneTigris Life Ambassador
(y)• Feature story in our OneTigris Catalogue Edition II
(y)• Monthly free OneTigris Life Gear to test, to contribute story on and to keep for personal use 
• (y)2018 Fall/Winter Gear Testing Pass for 1TG Gear Test *products
(y)• Website **exclusive discount code
*Only for Life Gear products; needs to register for 1TG account.
**Exclusive code displaying ambassador's name to use and to share with fans/friends.

How To Apply To Become A OneTigris Life Ambassador

1. Check our Life Gear product list and see if you have 1 or more of the listed gear.
2. Ensure your understanding of the concept, “not just gear with more functions but life with more possibilities.”
3. Based on the gear from 1), complete a written piece (300-500 words) with at least 3 high-definition photos OR 1 video on your experience with using tactical gear and its benefits
4. Send your writing or video to one of the below: 

  •     a. gill@onetigris.com 
  •     b. OneTigris Facebook Messages 
  •     c. Instagram Private Messages 
  •     d. 1TG Private Messages 

5. Wait for good news! 

 ​When To Apply​

Application Deadline: 2018-09-01
Result Announcement: 2018-09-07 
Kit+1st Product Dispatch: 2018-09-10

 What is OneTigris Life? 

Tactical gear is a state of mind and an attitude, and OneTigris Life means turning efficiency and preparedness into a lifestyle. We will inject tactical elements into everyday life, adding durability, functionality and versatility to things you use day by day, be it car equipment, stuff in the living room, maternity gear, you name it.

What other people see as gear with more functions, we see life with endless possibilities.

===Things to Note===

1. A total of 10 applicants will be chosen, including 5 runners-up.
2. Written piece or video to include the idea of “not just gear with more functions but life with more possibilities.”
3. Campaign language is English but applicants are not limited to English speakers.
4. Applicants will be reviewed based on delivered content and overall evaluation during screening, and OneTigris has all rights of final decision and interpretation of its decisions. 
5. If deemed unfit for role as ambassador, runner-up will replace him/her, and ambassador related privileges will be cancelled. 

===Questions & Answers===

1. How much time do I need to contribute to OneTigris Life if I become an ambassador? 

  • The ambassador program will begin in September 2018 to the end of this year, and every month we require 1 submission in text (with photos) or video on gear use and the ambassador's everyday life (time to get personal!)

2. How many products will the ambassador receive throughout the program?

  • The ambassador will receive 2 products per month, which is 8 products in total for September, October, November and December.

3. Will the ambassadors receive ambassador links like the affiliate links that pay commission based on sales?

  • The ambassadors will contribute content (stories) and their roles are not commission related.

4. How should I write the story or film the video?

  • Stories are not gear reviews! We already have a gear testing program at 1TG, what we want from the ambassadors is different in that we want a glimpse of the everyday lives of our users, funny/interesting/cozy stories that paint the picture of how a OneTigris user looks like, not just its products and services. Here are 3 examples for reference; the first 2 are actually gear reviews but with a more personal touch, and the last one is a funny short story related to camping:
    Example 1 
    Example 2 
    Example 3 

5. Can I apply for my DOG to become an ambassador? 

  • That's a 100% yes! We welcome applicants of all ages, colors, breeds and sizes, just as long as the monthly stories are in English that man can understand, with high-def photos or clear videography.