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About Black Orca

Who Is Black Orca?

We are the waves from the sea that is OneTigris, the same outdoor loving souls specializing in camping and survival gear.Carefully crafted and heartily tested, each piece of gear from Black Orca carries a universe of beauty and possibility, waiting to be uncovered by you.

How It Began

An epic trip to Tibet – 12 oxygen tanks, 0 baths and 1 arrest – bonded three brothers with the same zest for life and the outdoors, and we wanted to carry the mountains, desert sand and stars with us wherever the road lead to next. The panoramas of each journey are imprinted in our dreams and they shall be realized with solid gear and determined footsteps.

What We Believe In

We want to pay homage to the film Black Fish. We do not speak Whale. The sad souls losing their minds that you see behind the glass are not your whales. They own themselves. While we ache for those souls that swim in chains, we observe two-legged ones shackled by society and even by themselves. Strive to be free and be your own, because you have the choice and power to do so.

Black Orca Gear 1.0

We make gear that we ourselves also use. Be it a tent, a pack, or a simple tool, and with it you shall enter the wilderness and become a part of it. Embrace and embody. Be the living wilderness.