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Since 2018, OneTigris has teamed up with talented artists and airsofters to revamp our classic SCREAM mask so that it’s a level up in attitude and versatility. And we got tactical with the standard half-face mesh masks and spiced up face pro with colors and personality starting with @storm.airsoft
Especially customized for our Search & Rescue (SAR) dogs partner from @sar.k9.koopr.zen, we redesigned a new GLADIATOR Support Harness: it's bright, reflective and practical in wilderness tracking, natural disasters, mass casualty events, and in locating missing people.
Every year, we allocate surplus gear to be donated to service dog training organizations, animal rescue groups, and many other NGOs around the world, consisted of amazing souls that help to make this world brighter and lighter.

Stay Connected, Stay Tacti-cool!

We unexpectedly lost touch with the 1TG community over the past few weeks, and returned to find so many messages from you guys that made the welcome feel even more awesome than it already was. OneTigris appreciates you for connecting with us and inspiring us, and we want to use this little mishap as an opportunity to share more stories around the 1TG bonfire. Stay connected with Team 1TG through sharing a personal story about OneTigris, and join the prize draw for more tacticool elements in life!

How: Submit your story to this event page via the form below OR post it on Instagram with the hashtag #1TGStayConnected

10 Prizes: 1TG Merchandise (Complete Set) + Gear Testing Slot (TBA)
Submit before: Saturday , 16 Oct 2021

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