Ever since I started collaborating with OneTigris through the help of Han Tiger, I am nothing but satisfied with the gear that I use and the prototype that I tested/developed. I'm a very satisfied user of all the outdoor gear which is why I heartily dedicated my time and effort to ensure that the gear developed for mass production is up to standard. I love how camping gear evolved immensely through pinpointing its flaws. Now, I'm really satisfied with my Real Tree Hammocks, Tarp, Underquilt, Cocoon, HexTarp and Ultralight Dyneema Backpack that I use in daily outdoor adventures. OneTigris Gear is the best!

-Joel Buhia, Hammock Tribe/Great Outdoors Adventure/Filipino Mountaineers Society

With every piece of gear I become more and more a fan of OneTigris. This is a company who listens to their customers to better each product and experience. I trust OneTigris to provide me with top quality gear at a competitive price, and I recommend them to you.

-Kenny Dietrich, UglyTent

Great outdoor related gear that brings you where other gear breaks. The quality of the Cordura is very tough and the stitching is well made. I use the products for a few years now and I especially like the dog collar and the ID card holder which I use as EDC.

-Carlos Maier, Survival Bushcraft Franken

I have both waist packs, and they are of incredible quality. As good, if not better, than my Condor, Red Rock Outdoor, and 5.11 stuff. Lots of room, plenty of stash pockets and organization for the daily EDC, and they function perfectly. Had both bags for quite a few weeks now, and I've been incredibly pleased. I'm glad I took a chance on this unknown company, and will continue to be a repeat customer in the future.

-Geof Kirby, The Nrdly Podcast

I’ve been hammock camping now for over a year and wanted my son to be able to join me on my adventures. The OneTigris Camping Hammock and 3 season under-quilt has allowed him to camp in warmth and comfort for considerably less than other solutions. He now prefers to ‘hang’ with his dad, rather than be on the floor in a tent.

-Andy Wragg, IT Consultant

An incredible brand. I have a YouTube channel in Spanish and my subscribers are amazed with the quality of OneTigris products. Better priced, good materials and details, that's the winning idea.

-Angel Suarez, The Last Human Survival

Your foldable mesh face mask was the first piece of gear I have ever reviewed for Airsoft. I reviewed it because how great the product is and how great your customer relations are. May you have the best 2018 possible

-Royce Saindon, Runner Runner Airsoft

From the very start, I’ve been impressed the quality and versatility of the various One Tigris products that I have. Customer service and interaction through social media has been second to none. Looking forward to an exciting 2018.

-Dean Cattell, Taiga Adventures

Affordable and is quality gear for the price. Very comparable to other tactical brand names, but more cost effective. As a huge outdoor advocate this brand has helped me get me and my gear to where I need to go. They do everything from EDC gear, to tactical military style gear, and even dog tactical gear. Some of my favorite products are the EDC pouch and the tactical MOLLE seat cover with six pouches. With Onetigris there's something for everyone, from airsofters, to military/ police, to average Joe's just looking to get some great gear for an affordable price. I highly recommend this brand to anyone who’s interested in the outdoors, or tactical gear for their everyday needs.

-Josh Beaty, Training Solution International, CheapOutdoorGearReview

Being a survivalist today means I need to have the gear that is tougher than my scenarios. With that said, OneTigris meets my high expectations with close to 40 items under the Survival page alone. With high quality gear that we all can afford, I recommend OneTigris for everyone's adventures!

-Graeme Wood, Survivalist

I won't walk into the wilderness with gear that won't hold up to the abuse I put it through, every season and condition. OneTigris to me earned that reputation, affordable and durable. When I need it, I can depend on it

-Nathan Mayfield, Survivalist