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Will bring out your K9's inner wolf!, January 23, 2015

By Josh  Verified Purchase
This review is for:OneTigris Military Tactical Molle Dog Harness TG-526 (Coyote Brown, M / 41cm) 

Does your wife make you walk a dog that is the size of a glorified hamster? Does your dog constantly get picked on and beat up at the dog park? Or is your dog a 150 pound wolf you rescued as a pup from the wild after fighting off hordes of lawless poachers? Whatever dog you own, look no further for an absolute necessity to your K9's load-out!

What you are looking at here is an excellent deal on a Tactical dog vest to make your K9 partner just as awesome as you are for searching out tactical gear. Whether your K9 partner is a professional bomb sniffing dog or you just want your dog to be "da bomb" at the local dog park, then this vest is for you! Not only do you have a wide selection of colors to blend with environment and coat patterns, you have a plethora of sizing options to fit the smallest or breeds up to the largest of wolf-hybrids out there! Make sure to measure your dog well though, as I bought a size medium for my 38 pound lion-taming wolf thinking it would be a bit large, and it ended up fitting perfect. Buyers beware though, this vest has the ability to turn even the daintiest of teacup poodles into combat ready, pitbull-killing, wolfpack of one because the world cannot handle two, best K9 partner you ever had! If you think you can handle that, then read on. Otherwise, turn back now and resume searching out Martha Stewart dog costumes.

Now lets talk about construction. Is it made in America? Sadly no. Was it forged in Middle Earth deep in the fires of Mount Doom? Maybe... That is just how tough this puppy is (no pun intended). The chassis starts on a heavy duty nylon with a breathable mesh sewn underneath to keep your K9 cool when combat gets heated. Next you have PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) sewn down the entire length of both sides. This gives you the ability to load down your beast with all sorts of necessities such as water pouches, spare magazines for your primary and secondary weapons, kibble for those overnight missions, hand grenades, med-kits, short wave radio, K9 cam to give HQ a visual of your AO, and so much more! Heck, you could probably attach a turret mounted UZI and have your trained squirrel ride your beast into battle! Next, on the middle of the vest are two heavy duty nylon grab handles, both forward and aft, for a handler to easily maneuver even the biggest of K9 breeds. Sewn in next to each of those grab handles are two hooks for leashing your beast in order to prevent any collateral damage when civilians are present. To finish off this awesome harness you have a wide heavy duty Velcro strip running the entire length of the vest to attach whatever patch furniture your little heart desires.

If you're still not convinced, think of it this way: If Rambo had a dog, his dog would have this vest!


I love it and very happy with this product!!!, November 11, 2016

By Amazon Customer  Verified Purchase

This is a awesome vest! It came in 3 days! I was worried that it may be small for my german shepherd but a Large size is perfect! It came with the 3 pouches and I love that i can put some dog stuff in it so i won't have to carry it. I really like that you can put patches on it. It does not bother my dog at all. The dog could move in it great. Yes it is a bit pricey but it was totally worth it! I would buy this product again if needed!






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