Alexx Said

1. I needed this custom vest because all of the other vests I looked through didn't come in the size I need, didn't have enough patch/Velcro space, and/or didn't have molle straps.
2. I originally found ONETIGRIS through a few other Service Dog handlers on Instagram who have bought vests from ONETIGRIS and gave tremendous reviews.
I finally contacted ONETIGRIS when I gave up finding vests that didn't meet my requirements.
3. I felt that the process of custom service was almost effortless because I felt valued and important and understood during the process. This helped us fix a sizing issue, which made the next vest match all of the measurements needed for it to fit my dog correctly.
I absolutely love our custom vest because it not only fits my dog but looks amazing on him!
4.  Our custom vest supersedes my expected requirements because it is what I wanted/needed and more!
I am super appreciative to Andy and his team for making my dream for this custom vest become a reality.
5. Here are a couple pictures I took of Oliver in his custom ONETIGRIS vest while at camp last week. We got so many complements from my fellow staff and a handful from some of the campers.  
I'll send some more pictures of Oliver in his custom vest after we get settled and do some outings in the next couple weeks.