Hello dear friends, its time to write a review for this OneTigris Notebook-Sized Patch Organizer.
There is not too much to write and say about it because its a simple but great product that have only one purpose and thats keeping your patches safe and in one place... Lets go...


Folded – 20.4cmx14cmx2.6cm
(Dimension without patches inside)
The size of this organizer its great, really easy to carry it around even if its full of patches :)

Unfolded – 110.5cmx20.4cmx0.3cm

Side 1:

Side 2:


# 250g Tricot Fabric, 500D Nylon Backing

# Quality anti-noise loop surface for easy rearrangement and removal of patches.

Easy to attach and detach patches, almost noisless, no neet to pull hard and rip your organizer, this guarantee the long durability of this organizer. You can attach the patch by just dropping on the surface, thats easy it is.

#500D Nylon construction with reinforced stitching for extra durability & fabric loop at the top for hanging on walls and doors.


Multi-fold design for folding up your collection like a map to carry around.


This patch organizer is great and if you love to bring your favorite patches with you to show it to your friends, bring it to airsoft games to make exchanges ecc... this is the right item for you..
If you have a big collection like me it wont fit inside for sure because i have managed to put inside around 57 patches (small and normal size). So if you need a bigger or smaller patch organizer check out the other patch related product on www.onetigris.com

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4. Folding patch holder
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You are a PATCH FREAK like me?
Love collecting patches?
And love to carry them with you?

Well this is a product you should have so go follow this link: ONETIGRIS FOLDABLE PATCH ORGANIZER and buy yourself one. 
You can use my COUPON CODE and get 10% discount on all purchases: 


Just one complaint about this organizer and that is the sizes of the spaces for attaching patches, its should be a little bit larger at least 2-3cm because almost all the patches have some standard sizes and cant fit side by side because of the smaller space so you will have many empty space in your organizer or you wouldn't be able to fold it:

So adding those 2-3cm would be perfect!

Thanks to @OneTigris for this awesome organizer!

Credit: @hamzasarajlic_, 1TG