Gear Test

OneTigris® gear goes through gear testing to assess product design and usability, and to provide genuine, unbiased feedback and reviews to help other users learn more about a product and its potentials.

What's in it for the gear testers? Opportunity to try out new gear for free or at a deducted price!

What's in it for us? Guaranteed gear use feedback so we know what we're doing right, what we need to work on.

There are 2 phases/roles in the gear testing process:

1. BETA Gear Testers: Before launching a product, beta gear testing is carried out on 1TG, our online forum, to collect feedback before we finalize any design. Requirements: Registered forum members.

2. CAPTAIN Gear Testers: When a product is launched, Captain Gear Testers can volunteer to help test a product to provide an unbiased, detailed review, which helps other shoppers to learn more about the product and whether or not it suits their needs. Requirements: Amazon account users.