Q1. How do I measure my dog properly and find a suitable harness for her/him?
A: First, you need to measure your dog and get 3 key measurements (Neck/Girth/Backlength). Then you can compare it with the size chart we provided in the product description. After that, you will know what size is most suitable for your furry companion. Here are two videos which may come in handy:

Q2. When is the order expected to arrive? What is the time of shipment? EST
A: Basically it will take 15-20 days to arrive if you place the order on www.onetigris.com. Tracking numbers will be provided for most shipments. You can visit https://www.onetigris.com/shipment-delivery for more details.

Q3. What is the return and warranty policy?
A: Please visit https://www.onetigris.com/return-and-warranty 

Q4. Does OneTigris provide customized design services?A: Yes, OneTigris provides a gear customization service. We can produce one-of-a-kind pouches, backpacks and dog vests for you according to provided specs and details. Please send your request to service@onetigris.com and we will get in touch shortly.



Q5. The discount code I have doesnt work for my website order.
Please confirm that the code is still valid and if there are special requirements for use. If you still experience problems, please contact us through Facebook or service@onetigris.com  

Q6. Im having trouble paying with my card.
Here are some of the reasons of an unsuccessful payment:
1. Your bank has not yet activated the function of overseas payments for this card.
2. Your card or bank has a limit to online payment amounts for this card.
3. Your bank has flagged and restricted use of this card.
To solve the problem, please try to make the payment again or try with a different card. We also accept payment via Paypal. If the problem persists, contact your bank and clarify with them that this payment was made by you, after which they will provide instructions to help you resolve this issue.

Q7. How do I cancel an order?
A: Please go to the Home page > Return & Warranty > Click on "APPLY!" at the bottom of the page. Please note that dispatched orders cannot be recalled.


Q8 I made a purchase on the website and havent received an order confirmation mail.
Please check your junk mails as your email account may have directed the order confirmation mail to that folder. If you still don’t see it, please contact us through Facebook or service@onetigris.com 

Q9 I made a purchase on the website and the order has been processing for a long time.
Please allow 1-2 days’ time for the order to be processed. If after 2 days the order status still hasn’t been updated, please contact us through Facebook or service@onetigris.com 

Q10. Has my order been shipped?
A: Orders will take approximately 3 days for processing and dispatchment. You will receive an email regarding shipment information when your order has been shipped. To view your tracking number, log in to your OneTigris account or contact us at service@onetigris.com

Q11 Why does the status of my order read "label created" for such a long time on Fedex?
A: Fedex sets the US as the shipment origin. However, the order needs to first be sent by OneTigris from China. This status will be updated when it arrives in the US.

Q12 I received a product that wasnt in my original order.
A: Please go to the Home page > Return & Warranty > Click on "APPLY!" at the bottom of the page.

Q13 Id like to return something I ordered.
A: If you purchased this item on Amazon, you can follow these steps for return/exchange:
Use your Amazon account to log into www.amazon.com
Pull down to the bottom of this page and find "Help" button, and click on it to get into a new page
Find "Need more help " in the middle of this page and move it to this button and you will see "Contact Us " and click on it. Then you will get in touch with Amazon Customer Service Associate in accordance with the actual situation
Amazon U.S. & Canada Phone Number: 1-866-216-1072
Amazon International Phone Number: 1-206-266-2992
Amazon Customer Service: 400-810-5666
If this purchase was made through our website (www.onetigris.com), please go to the Home page > Return & Warranty > Click on "APPLY!" at the bottom of the page.


Q14 I have some pictures and videos that I would like to share with you guys!
A: Thank you for the love! Here are ways to share your photos and videos with us:
On Facebook: @OneTigris
On Instagram: #OneTigris
On Twitter: @OneTigris
Or you can send them to gill@onetigris.com and we will be in touch shortly. 

Q15 I'd like to submit a guest post for www.OneTigris.com!
A: Thank you for the love! Submittals can be emailed to gill@onetigris.com and we will be in touch shortly.