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Beginners Guide to Airsoft Guns, Ammo and Gear

If you’re looking to start your airsoft career, then you need to know a bit about the guns, ammo, and gear to use. After all, the market is so diverse in offers that a beginner could easily get lost in the tons of designs and models available. Still, before you start your journey, you should…
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Quick and Useful Guide to Paintball Guns, Ammo and Gear

By Amanda Wilks Paintball is a sporting activity that was developed in 1981. It involves players eliminating opponents from the play by hitting them with balls that are filled with breakable oil, dye, or gelatin. The gameplay may be an organized competition that includes professional teams, players, and major tournaments. Some of the primary devices…
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SHTF preparations

  SHTF preparations User Golgo13 From survivalistboards forum shared his experience when SHTF hit his country. He said everything was falling apart. He escaped his hometown, travelled city to city with his father because of the massive chaos that happened to his country. When they got to their new destination, trying to start a new life,…
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tactical everything

THE STORY BEHIND THE TACTICAL SEAT COVER Seat cover is not like other regular gears we made so far. It’s all started in a conversation with a customer named Tony. We were in the middle of a regular conversation, he asked, which I believe was just a random question, about cars. He said he would…
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