SHOT PUT ID Card Holder

  • SHOT PUT ID Card Holder
  • OneTigris Tactical MOLLE EDC Wallets with Detachable ID Window
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Sku TG-ZJT01
Name SHOT PUT ID Card Holder
Color Black / Multicam / Coyote Brown
Material Nylon and 550 cord lanyard
Dimensions 5.1" (L)*3.3" (W)/13cm*8.5cm


This is one tactical EDC wallet you cannot miss. It is a clear badge holder with wallet like pockets to store and organize the rest of your cards, can be worn horizontally or vertically, holds a pen, hard to be pickpocketed, and the rear card holder can be torn off and attached to your vest or bag. Wow, right? If you've already got one, here's a tip: Killer Christmas gift.



1. Light, solid, easy-access EDC wallet with elastic pen holder

2. Detachable Velcro front part with a clear window for main ID card

3. Wallet like micro-mesh card holder x 3 in the back

4. Card holder side has a retaining strap to provide extra security

5. 100% original MultiCam® color option available 

6. Designed to be worn both horizontally and vertically

7. Matte black split ring for keys, lanyard, carabiners

8. 100% genuine MultiCam® color option available



1. The window can be torn away from its Velcro backing to present your ID without moving the lanyard.

2. Keep a spare key sandwiched in between the Velcro.

3. Rear card holder can be torn off and attached to your vest or bag.

4. Use the robust metal loop as a keyring.



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Customer Reviews

The best is holder so far in my experience. Very well made. It feels sturdy and built to last. It is a bit thick but I don't mind it. Also it does feel a bit heavier compared to other holders but I know it will last for a long time. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a durable ID card holder. Oh and one more thing, the pen holder is very nice. Has not strecthed out like my last pen holder on my previous ID holder. Also I had to buy a separate lanyard because the one that it comes with is not quick detaching which is required for my job. Other than that little detail it is perfect I. My opinion.
I've used this every day for the last few months. I take the bus, my apartment requires keycard access to get in the front gate and front door, my work requires swiping in to access the building. I am always pulling cards out of the holder with no issues. No issues with anything falling out, including the pen. I've tried MANY card holders where cards will fall out (horrible for important cards), this one is the best quality and design. I will buy more when I need to. The material allows cards to slide in and out easily, without stretching the holder, which is the issue i've had with previous ones.
Space King
The OneTigris Tactical ID Card Holder works perfectly for what I need. Besides displaying the primary badge I use on the front, it provides several pockets on the back for storing additional ID cards. And the pen holder is one of my favorite features.
The only thing I didn't like was the 550 paracord lanyard. Nothing against paracord. But the strap does not feature a "breakaway" device that is mandatory in my place of business, due to the fact that I work around a lot of heavy machinery. So I had to swap it out.
James C.
Great badge holder, I am a big fan of the pen holder! No more ink stains in my shirt pocket when I forget to take my pen out of my pocket in the wash. As soon as I started using this multiple co workers asked where I got it. Construction is good and seems like it will last, RF cards work well from the front and back (as you can put a picture ID up front and an RF card in the back). It is a bit heavy so if you plan to use this with a retractible ID holder get a heavy duty one like a Key-Bak sidekick ID/key holder.
Very well made, high quality.
I will be a One Tigris repeat buyer.
This is the best way to carry money, credit cards company security passes.
I also have my keys hanging from mine by adding a carrabiner.
This is one of the best sized card carrier for everyday use and for travel for me that I have found.
I have been carrying my things this way for years, it's great for also going out on the town or concerts other events, as you see your items in frnot of you, and your not dealing with a wallet, purse or a huge passport type carrier.
I've had this now for about a year and it's still as good as new.
Pretty good quality. I upgraded the paracord ends from just a knot to a barrel lock system. Working on planes we need a break away system in case we snag and get pulled in. I will definitely look more into this brand for some tactical gear.
Hello everyone, I had a similar ID hold that lasted me over 10yrs. And once it failed I started looking for another one. Which is how I came across this product. I had originally purchased another one and when it arrived I did not like the quality of it and it was nothing close to what I had before. This one is rock solid! It is well made. It may look like it’s heavy but it’s not very light and easy and comfortable to wear around my neck. Looks like it will last me another 10yrs. Which may not be good for the company lol. But I’ll definitely be back for more and will recommend anyone that needs an ID holder to pick this one up. Buy with confidence A+++ product.
Dave from PA
It's a tactical black badge holder that was exactly as described. Two pieces with complete velcro coverage so they aren't going to come apart on you. Several storage pockets and a belt loop on the back that also has a velcro release on one side so you could easily attach it to your molle system on your gear. Comes with a para-cord lanyard with a spring loaded sliding adjustment clip. As advertised and heavy duty. The one thing that would be a (minor) improvement would be adding a break away attachment clip so it can be used in shop and machinery environments. All in all a very good purchase. 5 stars
Big fan of this badge holder. I have had it for three months now and I don’t miss my old badge holder at all. I have actually been asked where I got it from multiple times, so I guess others like the way it looks also.
This ID Lanyard looks great! I got the Coyote Brown unit. I am a Government contractor and I go through a lot of badge holders. This one seems to be of high quality and looks and feels like it will last a long time. For those of you in the service, this holder will work great for field jackets with Velcro on the outside.
T. B.
Purchased this to replace leather ID carrier - slightly larger than expected but it holds more than just ID. Detachable ID portion is nice as well. Expect this to be durable and last well with daily use.
Dave S
Perfect for carrying ID and a few cards or cash when you don't want to carry a wallet, or aren't comfortable with stuff in your pockets. It's actually two pieces that can be used separately or together. The clear pocket ID side can be separated from the three pocket/pen holder side, and used as a separate ID holder that will stick on the Velcro surface. I don't like the retractable clip type ID holders for my proximity cards. This loops around my neck and can live inside my shirt, or drop into my shirt or inside jacket pocket for display as needed. It's also good for bike errands, comfortably and safely holding cash and cards. I wish I'd found this years ago.
Pretty good quality. I upgraded the paracord ends from just a knot to a barrel lock system. Working on planes we need a break away system in case we snag and get pulled in. I will definitely look more into this brand for some tactical gear.
Brian Pearson
Just the thing I was looking for to hold my ID badge and a few other things. There is room for a pen (I found a short one to fit the width), and several slots for business cards, a protected ID slot, and a great length lanyard. Perfect for my landscape ID badge, which was my primary reason for choosing this particular one. Has a nice tactical feel to it. Love it so far!
The Cat
I didnt expect this item to be this very much useful to me. But as days go by using it, i found out i havevarious uses for it and that it meets my standards. I love it... I will surely buy more from the seller.
t c
This holder is perfect. Very well made and heavy duty but not too bulky. The chord was long enough and I’m no longer in fear that I’ll lose my badge again from my holder breaking or falling apart. I love that my badge doesn’t stick to the plastic cover and the ID pocket can be easily separated and reattached securely by velcro.
Autopsy Peters
Excellent build quality and use of space. Not too heavy either. Corners of the clear thing come loose a little bit but its a result of the lack of velcro to the edge.
Sam B.
I put my ID in the window, the center holds my rfid key card, 3 personal cards under the strap, a Gerber strap cutter on the strap, it holds a tactical pen nicely...
James B
Well constructed. Stitching is spot on. Color matches my other kit. Would feel comfortable to take this kit down range.
Just what was advertised by seller.
I would buy from again.
Interesting ID card holder with some possibilities. I bought this for the pen holder and card holder. The ID card side comes off completely via Velcro which is really nice if you need to show it in a hurry. I wish the middle 1' belt strap wasn't secured by Velcro and had a button instead. I attached this to the shoulder strap of my 5.11 tactical Rush 12 but the Velcro isn't that secure. Otherwise it's a nifty little pouch that can be used in many ways although it might not stay secure depending on the way you mount it.
Nailed it!! Awesome badge with a great pen holder that stretches nicely to hold even a thicker fountain pen. It is a tad on the heavy side if you add a pen at it sways heavily if left it portrait postion. Not a big issue though especially if you use a plastic pen. Works great in landscape position. Everything fits snugly as far as standard credit card sized ids or business cards.

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