SCREAM Foldable Mask

  • SCREAM Foldable Mask
  • Foldable Half Face Mesh Mask
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Name SCREAM Foldable Mask
Color Black / Multicam / Woodland Camo / Tan / OD Green / Green
Size M / L
Weight M - 3.3oz/94g; L - 3.1oz/90g
Material Steel, Nylon

OneTigris SCREAM Foldable Mesh Mask

Why Choose OneTigris Foldable Mesh Mask?

Most airsoft mesh masks offer good ventilation, but does your beard itch or get in the way? OneTigris Tactical Foldable Half Face Mesh Mask knows how to comfortably sandwich your face during game play while offering protection, featuring soft padded nylon fabric edges and double strap support to ensure a tight fit underneath your goggles/eye pro. Look cool, take a few shots to your lower face, and don't worry about losing any teeth!


1. Soft padded nylon fabric cheek sides with protection for bridge of nose providing comfort and good protection;
2. No pressure points on face and allows easy breathing;
3. Twin strap support with skull cap band for a snug fit for different head sizes;
4. Lightweight, foldable & portable;
5. This airsoft mesh mask has passed the ANSI Z80.3 drop ball test, ;
6. Impact resistance is > 800 FPS at a temperature of -10°C to 42°C;
7. Fully breathable mesh



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Customer Reviews

zach Lewis
Super glad I bought this. For the price even if it wasn't great i wouldn't have wasted a lot of money but man it surprised me! Fits better with my goggles than any other I own. I can aim down my sights without having the mask get in the way. That and it feels nice on the face. I consider myself having a big nose so it sucks when it puts pressure on it, this one does not.
The best airsoft facemask out there. Very comfortable once you adjust the straps just right. Great packaging, comes in a resealable bag that can be reused for whatever you need. Covers my mouth completely even with my mouth wide open. For me they also partially cover my ears, but if you have a larger face you can buy separate ear protection. Most importantly for me they go together very well with my safety goggles leaving little to no gap inbetween. This is a must have product for any airsofter. Not to mention its cheap! There is no reason why you should not have one of these. Amazon also offers package deals with pyramex goggles for only 30 bucks!
Bryan J
Absolutely fantastic face mask! The cloth sides are much more comfortable than full metal frames, and they allow for a much better cheek weld, letting you look down the sights much more comfortably and without having to use risers for any scopes or sights that would sit too low to look through while using a full metal frame mask. After purchasing mine, multiple friends saw how delighted i was with it and purchased it for themselves. None have had any complaints at all. I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE in need of a face mask
Although the camouflage pattern is a bit faint for my liking... the mask itself is durable and provides superb nose and mouth protection. For those tall folks (i.e. folks with larger size heads), be aware the mask will not protect the side and rear jawline as well as it might a smaller statured person.
Wow, this thing is actually pretty cool. I bought this specifically to go with my ACH helmet, do I was really hoping that they wouldn't screw up on shipping me the correct camouflage pattern that I ordered. I ordered the one with the ACU patterned (as I believe it is called). It matches with the helmet cover, not perfectly, but very, very well. I was originally going to use full size ballistic/tactical military goggles, but the mask doesn't quite fit correctly with them. Instead, I went with a old pair of tinted basic protective glasses. They fit with the mask perfectly. The mask itself is a variation of the typical full metal mesh, that you may have seen at airsoft stores. These masks always looked like fences masks to me. I got this one, because it has that "stylish" cloth padding with a ammo pattern (as I've already mentioned). I do not recommend using this for airsoft. Metal mesh tends to dent, and eventually break overtime with bbs constantly being shot at it, you can guarantee that the paint will also come off the metal screen. As I've learned from other reviews, this has been the unfortunate result of playing airsoft with this mask. It is just not durable enough to handle such abuse. The mask is also really small. It covers most of the lower face, but does not offer protection for much of the jaw area, and part of the cheeks and ears are exposed. Although it is not the best mask for airsoft, this is really cool as a cosplay piece, which is the reason I bought it. The only criticism I have for it being used for cosplay is that the most is very visible through the screen. This seemed to bother people who I should this to. So, as visual appeal, this is not exactly ideal. This is however, very comfortable. The mask is held on with a four strap system (which can be adjusted) and stays on my face, very snug. The padded areas touch my face, and to not bother me, and the metal
mesh stays far enough away. It is not uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. My favorite thing about this mask is that it allows me to wear goggles without the lenses fogging up from my breath. So, although the netting does not look great, it still allows me to breath easily, and still have my mouth and nose covered. Overall, totally recommend this mask. I recommend having head gear (like a hat or helmet) and goggles to go with this. I hope I've helped you out, thanks for reading my review!
Excellent mask. This is now my go-to lower face protection. It meshes excellently with goggles (tried with Lancer Tactical goggles and Save Phace Grunt series) and works great with a baseball hat. I tested it's resistance against an HPA Mancraft airsoft gun (360 FPS @ 120 PSI, .25g BBs) and it stopped all shots dead in their tracks. Breathability is slightly less than a full face mask, but this mask doesn't fog goggles. The fabric side panels are extremely comfortable and don't hinder your ability to aim your weapon properly. I've run this mask against pretty much every piece of facepro I where and it is easily the best one I own.
Wyatt Zimmerman
This mask is great. Fits very well with my lancer tactical goggles and helmet, and makes my whole setup feel lighter and low profile. The mask is very comfortable to wear, and the cushioned sides are both comfortable and effective in allowing you to look down your sights easily. The mask is easily adjustable, and the double strap with the connecter makes it snug to your head. Also, this mask can easily be modified to be attached directly to your helmet. But this fits so well and it so comfortable as it is I don't think it will be necessary to do so. Overall great product and a great addition to any head pro setup.
Perfect for airsoft. They hug your face enough so that you can still aim down your sights. Even though you can aim down the sights, I would still recommend you get a riser on your top rail and mount a red dot on there. This will allow you to aim much easier than trying to use iron sights or a red dot without a riser. Despite the mask being fairly close to your face it still impacts your ability to aim down the iron sights or a red dot without a riser.

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