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Sku TG-554
Name POWER TRAIN Dog Harness
Color Black / Tan
Size M / L / XL
Weight 813g-973g
Material 1000D Nylon
Dimensions M: 12"-20.5"/30.5-52cm (chest), 16.5"-25"/42-63cm (chest), 16"/40.5cm (back) L: 16"-28"/40-71cm (chest), 18"-34.5"/45-88cm (chest), 19"/49cm (back) XL: 16"-33.5"/40-85cm (chest), 21"-39''/53-100cm (chest), 21.5''/55cm (back)

k9 harness with pouchesfeatures


1. Comes with three detachable pouches for carrying extra gear

2. MOLLE on both side for attachment of other accessories such as magazine pouches, water bottle, snacks, etc.

3. Adjustable webbing and a loop panel for moral patches

4. Mesh interior for better comfort and good ventilation

5. Metal leash clip and top handle for effective K9 control

faq Why 3 pouches and not 2 or 4?

First let's talk about material: 1000D Nylon. Denier Nylon is a solid and tough material that is highly resistant to abrasions, offering protection for your dog. It's also light and flexible to offer comfort, and with this POWER TRAIN harness the mesh interior layer offers breathability.

Regarding the number of pouches, as the 2 on one side weighs around the same as the one on the other, this combination provides better balance, which is of great importance when letting your dog carry gear. Owners and handlers are to take extra caution and ensure even weight distribution so the harness doesn't slide or cause discomfot to the dog.

Other harness and pouch combinations are also available or you can opt for just the harness and your own choice of pouches. Click here to view more dog pouches. If you just want a dog harness without pouch, FIRE WATCHER dog harness or POWER TRAIN K9 harness is a nice choice. 

Why Choose OneTigris POWER TRAIN Dog Harness with pouches?

This is a good harness for a good outing with your service dog. Attach extra pouches and gear up with essentials for the day. Next step, add morale patches of your own and give him/her some swag. Now comes the best bit: Let's head out!

how dog harness works How to help your dog get used to his harness:

First put the vest on with no pouches. Do a few walks through the neighborhood for him/her to get accustomed to having the harness on his back. Next, attach the pouches on the vest. Go back to step #1 and repeat this process again.

If he/she tries to bite at the straps, move the pouches right nest to his/her head where he/she can't reach it.

The final step is to put light objects in the pouches so it doesn't feel too heavy at first, then gradually increase the weight of the content until he/she can carry gear.

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Careful and consistent care of your OneTigris products will ensure its optimal conditions and longer lifetime. Here are some basic cleaning tips for backpacks, pouches, gear and dog vests

DIRT REMOVAL - After usage, remove any visible dirt with a soft brush.
ZIPPER CARE - Use mild soap, water and a soft brush to clean zippers.
STAINS - Use mild detergents, water, and a soft brush or sponge to wipe/scrub off stains.
SOAP RESIDUE - Use a wet towel with clean water to wipe away any soap residue.
DRYING - Hang item outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT.
REGULAR CLEANING of snap fasteners and D-rings is also very important. After each usage, take a dry cloth to wipe clean metal surfaces; should signs of material oxidation occur, use a small amount of toothpaste to gently cleanse the surface.
VELCRO LINT - Once a month, use a line roller, duct tape, lint brush, toothbrush, or a tape dispenser's cutter to tape/scrape the fastener clean. Doing this will keep debris from getting excessively embedded, which is more difficult to remove than surface lint. Before placing your gear in the laundry machine, fasten the hook-and-loop fastener together. Spray the hook-and-loop fastener with anti-static spray after washing.

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Customer Reviews

Bin sehr begeistert auch von der Qualität. Ein negativ habe ich die Taschen finde ich ein bisschen klein. Habe mir noch eine Größe aus ein Militär Shop bestellt.
This is a great quality vest, very functional
Great pack, I ordered another set of bags though for even weight distribution.
I love this vest. I had another vest that my dog trainer gave to me for my service dog, but it was so much carrying all of her things like her potty bags, paper towels for messes, bowl and some treats. This does just the trick as well as the best that they have me it look like a normal every day vest that many people wouldn't take serious. So i had some conflict in the past with my service dog, but with this vest people don't even ask questions. They look at the best and look how well trained she is and keeping on moving. Nor do I have alot of people that want to touch her. Which is great because they are trained no to be distracted and be touched and that the best helps with that. I love it. I do wish there was some where to put the excess straps and the cushion support around there neck wouldn't slide. By far the best I have had for her. Would recommend if you have alot of issues with your service dog in public places.
Johanna Taylor
I kept going back and forth on sizing. I ended up ordering a size Large for my lean-built 65lb 8 month old Africanis pup. It seems to fit him well, I had to tighten the straps down a lot, but that leaves room for growth too. Well made, and looks great. The puches really offset it though if it’s any bit loose and they aren’t perfectly evenly weighted. Overall I really love this harness.
I adopted a humane society pup. I live in South Central Texas. The question of heat doesn't count. You know it is hot or hotter. I wanted my pup to carry his own water and collapsable food/water dish on all outings. Originally I planned on just tying water bottle to a harness. I began looking for a suitable one here on Amazon. I saw this and similiar types. I made myself go over what I wanted harness to be able to do. I wanted ability to hold pouches for water, food dishes, tie out line and a few small miscellanous items. I looked at many harnesses of this type. I kept coming back to this one. In addition to the numerous positive reviews, I liked the fact of included pouches. I had zero problem getting my pup to wear it. I like the way it looks on him. I like the feel of the material and noticed excellent quality of the stitching. My pup has a build similiar to a German Shepard. He is currently on the small end of medium (27 pounds). He is 4 months old with a vet extimate of 50+ pounds. This medium fits him well. No problem adjusting the straps for him. No problem with slipping or sliding. He bounced around in it for 30 minutes. I will have no problem having him carry his own water and items on our walks. Edited 07January 2018: to prevent or minimize slipping side to side make sure strap across front of chest is snug. I had concerns about rear belly strap and a male dog. Let's say that concern has not been materialized!
We bought this for my husband's service dog earlier this year. We've had to modify it a bit to fit over her mobility harness, but other than that it's great.
Cesar Cevallos
love it, excellent! have used it on many hikes.
Rabih mansour
Super one
Josh Thill
Love this. The large fits my yellow lab (about 90lbs) perfectly!
Timothy D. Martin
The vest is phenomenal. It’s sturdy, flexible, and very well made. My dog is so excited when she sees this vest cause she knows it’s time for work.
This is a great product. I use it for my three year old beagle/Russell terrier and the medium fit perfect. He won’t grow, but if he did we have room to tighten and loosen the harness. The packs are also great and can fit a multitude of items. However, I wish I would have bought the one without the packs and bought my own. Only because the clasps come undone pretty easy.
R. M. Heeth
My shep-box loves her jacket! When she sees me getting it she knows we are going out.

Lots of adjustment but measure twice before ordering. Handles are great. Let’s me control her when she gets to rambunctious.
Anthony Miller
It’s great, packs are right size to carry what’s needed
This is an incredibly durable and well made harness. I have this on my 1 year old male pit/boxer mix who is in training. The second he puts it on, he knows its time to work and not dog around. The harness construction quality is comparable to high quality deployment gear used by humans – literally “cut from the same cloth”. It is lightweight, breathable, and easy to adjust.
beauregarde m brieger
My German Shepard loves it.
tracey kelce
I love the harness. It does not chaffe or cause sores on my dogs. There is great flexibility in how the accessories are placed on the harness. As well as a great variety of accessories available. I have had a slight problem with the front buckle coming unbuckled. The company has been very responsive and helpful in resolving.
gabriel aguado
Great product, great quality and great customer service. I arrived faster than expected.
I had a great buying experience with One Tigris the vest was excellent and exactly what i was looking for.
Fits my Boxer great! He is very picky but he acts like he doesnt even know its on. Looks great and made of quality. Highly recommend.
We love this product. It has held up to the spartan race, kids, and normal wear and tear of military activities and doggy activities. We like that it durable and can add pouches like the mole medic bags for my husband's medicine. We also love the extra carabiner hook ups and such. The only problem we have ever had was one of the clips broke, but it was not the seller's fault, as my husband closed the hatch to our SUV on it. But since it is a popular military color we found a relatable replacement clip that fit and worked perfectly for it (which I sewn the strap on pretty easily!) we have recommended this vest to our friends and know of at least 5 people who have bought it already and love it! Great product, and superb quality for the price!
Angela Wallace
I absolutely love this vest! My only concern is that it sometimes pulls out the fur on her back (That my be due to it moving around and being lopsided because of her packs. My dog is built weird, we can't tighten the back strap too much or it makes it hard for her to lay down.)
Don’t be fooled, this is possibly the most deceptive item I’ve ever bought!At first this harness seems very weak n feable…..don’t be fooled, this harness is a lot stronger than it looks and is well worth the money!I have a very large dog(a Japanese Akita) bit of a pony n pulls like a train, with this harness I was shocked just how effective this harness really is, no more pulling, such a blessing. Thank u all at the oneturgis team, both myself n dog are now than happy with this fantastic harness:-)
Bought this XL vest for my 11 month old German Shepherd. He is very large. This is a great vest made with very good quality fabric. Although my Shepherd is large, the straps are very long (a good thing) but I had to tighten these more than I thought and didn't have a place to tuck all the extra strap length. I love all the velcro on the back to place my old military patches for my dog. They provide 3 carry pouches. Should be two or four for balance, but I love it and we've had it out a couple of times and he loves it.
Dr Vigon
Great harness! So fairly new for my service dog needed pouches on his vest and he's regular vest just didn't have them. So having to strap poop bags and different supplies became an issue. I wish this on had a strap from the chest strap to the neck strap but I can make one.
He has both rub areas so far and it has not twisted yet will update after a little while.
Very great quality. The shipping was especially quick, I didn’t expect to receive it that quickly since they said it would take 1-2 months and got here in less than a week.

The harness is of great quality, I’m using it for my service dog and I absolutely love it. The only thing that I do not like about it is that the pouch are not real solid on the harness.. If my dog bumps into something it will come off. So not strong attached pouch at all.

But other than that, fantastic velcro, great quality, everything looks heavy duty.
I can't say enough good things about this harness. It looks bad ass, performs bad ass, and my service dog loves it. When on my service dog looks like he is ready for a tactical mission with the SEALS. Mix and match pouches with MOLLE design and connections. This has more storage than I will ever need. You could load your dog up for a 3 day hike and not have to wear a backpack. There is a ton of room for velcro morale patches. When fitted properly with the 3 straps adjusted properly the harness fits like a glove and is an extension of the dog. My service dog can do everything a service dog does along with everything a regular dog does, even play all wearing the harness. I know it's comfortable because my dog did not want to take it off the first time I had him try it on. He literally feel asleep wearing it. There are two handles one around dogs neck and the other around the dogs tail. These can be used to lift the dog, restrain or I use them to get help from my dog in getting up from a seated position. There are also two leash attachments one at front and one at back. I bought the tan/khaki version and it looks great. I was a little hesitant because of the price, but I'm so glad I went ahead and tried it. The harness looks, feels durable and made from quality materials with heavy duty stitching attachments, accessories. The underside of the harness or the side touching the dog is made of the same type of moisture resistant design found in a lot of athletic gear. Really great harness especially for individuals active with their dogs hiking, camping, beach, urban incursions, residential zombie apocalypse. Your ready for anything and everything. Seriously feels like it was custom made for my Big Dog! Highly recommend and would buy again in a heartbeat.
Jason P.
Thank you for the fast shipping, tomorrow my dog will sport my unit patches and help other Veterans deal with PTSD.

On the vest its self- it is flexible, tough fabric, fit is great… Must feel good on my dog cause she went straight to work mode when I put it on her without the normal focusing exercises. I put her on secent the leash aloud her some space to take lead with good control and the vest didn’t distract her like other vest have done. Field testing next week will say it all.

Mila ; 3yr., 50lb Belgian Malinois, ESA Certified, Search & Rescue -In training.
James Ide
Good hard wearing harness. I have a 5 year of Staffordshire bull terrier that I bought it for. He is an awkward size it seems so the rear most strap sits very far back on his body, which he doesn’t like. Unfortunately the smaller size does not fit round his body.

I would recommend this item for larger dogs, but none the less a good item.
Epifanio Suarezon
Couldn't wait to receive this when I ordered it for my German Shepard. It arrived, I opened it, made adjustments to eyeball how it would fit him. Put it on him and man I love this harness, better yet he does too. After some adjustments it fits him great. We took it for a quick test walk and this is awesome, have full control, and he loved being out walking. Quality of the product is great, even better than I had expected. If anyone is on the fence for purchasing this, don't hesitate you won't be disappointed. I know looking at the cost you might think it's too expensive, but it's a great investment.
My newfie mastiff tolerated this immediately. Fitment was easy and seems very comfortable. My dogs heavy so I would consider looping a soft seat belt cover around the straps if I were to intend to pick her up by it. Nice metal loops ontop which can be utilized for a various of uses and practicalities. Highly recommended.
josh gelles
Shipping was fast and good price
I love the way it looks on my black lab. It was a perfect size. The only reason why I am giving it 4 stars is because when I put the pouches on and tried to run it through the loops to keep it secured it just didn’t reach the buttons, so I could only run it through the upper and lower loops and skip the two in the center. I’m going to secure it with 550 cord. Other than that it’s great.
I am thrilled with this purchase !!!

The straps adjust very well, and the included clips keep the excess up and out of the way. This vest is durable and versatile for sure. I have seen some complain about the vest leaning to one side or another. This is simply a matter of proper weight distribution. I have all 3 packs on this vest, and it does not lean at all. I just made sure the weight on each side is close.

For reference, I have a 50 lbs Husky and the large vest fits perfectly. The vest seems to breath quite well, and my Husky does not overheat while wearing it.

I have received many compliments on this vest with the way it looks. I also love that there is plenty of real estate for various morale patches.
Angela R.
So glad I purchased this one. It's very durable and excellent quality. Would recommend to anyone.

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