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Sku SP-038
Name HOPPY CAMPER Dog Harness
Color Brown
Size F: 16"-26"/41-66cm (chest), 30"-42"/76-107cm (belly), 10"/25cm (back)
Weight 607g
Material Cotton Canvas
Dimensions 10.6''(L)*2.2''(W)*9.8''(H)/27cm(L)*5.6cm(W)*24.9cm(H)



OneTigris HOPPY CAMPER Dog Harness

Do you enjoy weekend getaways with your dog? This pack has both function and fashion to offer, so you can load up all the doggy essentials for the day on his back and get a lot of compliments on his vintage attire on the road. Please note that for most dogs, 10% to 12% of their body weight is a good starting point for loading up dog packs. This would be 5-6lb for a 50lb dog, or 2.5-3kf for a 25kg dog. Of course, the right amount depends on a number of factors, such as your dog's breed, physical fitness, and energy level.

1. Vintage design for that dog-on-the-range look
2. Made of high density cotton canvas and strong stitching for ultimate comfort and lasting durability
3. Two zippered compartments on each wide with extra pockets for carrying and organizing gear
4. Adjustable straps for a good fig
5. Top handle for hanging the dog pack on the wall


1. Please measure your dog before each purchase!
2. Be mindful of balance when loading up the side pouches.
3. Top handle for hanging up the dog pack, NOT for lifting/carrying your dog.
4. Good fit for medium to large sized dogs (Alaskan, Samoyed, Shepherd, Tibetan Mastiff, etc.)
5. Hand wash with cold water and air dry.


1. Material: Cotton canvas
2. Dimensions: 10.6''(L)*2.2''(W)*9.8''(H)/27cm(L)*5.6cm(W)*24.9cm(H)
3. Chest girth: 26.5''-40.5''/67.3cm-102.8cm
4. Side pouches: 7''*9.6''/17.8cm*24.4cm
5. Front pockets: 7.7''*5.3''/19.5cm*13.5cm

Package Includes

OneTigris HOPPY CAMPER Dog Harness *1



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SOAP RESIDUE - Use a wet towel with clean water to wipe away any soap residue.
DRYING - Hang item outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT.
REGULAR CLEANING of snap fasteners and D-rings is also very important. After each usage, take a dry cloth to wipe clean metal surfaces; should signs of material oxidation occur, use a small amount of toothpaste to gently cleanse the surface.
VELCRO LINT - Once a month, use a line roller, duct tape, lint brush, toothbrush, or a tape dispenser's cutter to tape/scrape the fastener clean. Doing this will keep debris from getting excessively embedded, which is more difficult to remove than surface lint. Before placing your gear in the laundry machine, fasten the hook-and-loop fastener together. Spray the hook-and-loop fastener with anti-static spray after washing.

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Customer Reviews

We use this for our collie to carry her own food and water hiking. She loves it and has no problems leaping, jumping, climbing, etc. on our hikes in the Canadian Rockies. The quality is beyond what I expected and we are super happy with it. We bought this off Amazon.ca.
I’m very happy with this product. It was a little big on my Norwegian elkhound but if I crisscrossed the belly straps it stayed on much better. She listens very well with this on and it’s well made. Ylva is about 38 lb
Eddie Wilson
Function and Fashion in equal measures!

My medium-size Welsh Collie has worn his for eight months now, so I felt that was adequate time to test and post a short review based on long-term use by a working dog.

The Fit
Measurements are accurate and the sizing gauge is pretty good. I did find I had to alter the female ends of the belly straps to get a sufficiently secure fit as well as tidying away the loose male ends, but the latter is more an old Army habit. This fit will obviously vary with different diameter dogs and my Collie is quite lean.
The length is good, the neck adjustment perfect. The bags sit high enough to avoid fouling the dog’s legs and forward enough that he can maintain balance.

The Construction
When you first unpack them, the saddlebags actually feel quite light and you start to wonder if they’re actually cheap tat… But the stitching is solid and the canvas is of definite quality, which just means it won’t especially burden your dog. I’ve had normal dog coats that weigh more.
The zips are both secure and smooth in operation, the seams do not strain when loaded, the main compartment linings are a nice touch. I think the best aspect of these is actually the soft flexibility of the bags, though, since that adds to the comfort for the dog and lets them work without impediment.

The Carrying Capacity
This is probably the most subjective aspect to these saddlebags as a lot depends on your dog’s own capabilities, the load you require him or her to carry and especially your ability to balance your packing.
Our Collie typically carries two 500ml water bottles (one either side), a collapsible water bowl, his lead, some treats, a lightweight microfibre towel (for wet dogs and muddy paws), poo bags, a doggie jumper/pullover and a lightweight jumper or cardigan for the Mrs. That’s about 2kg, give or take and there’s still room for ancillaries.

With 2-4 kg of weight, my Collie is still easily free to bound around the fields and up the hills with almost no perceptible hindrance to his gait. He loves being given the duty of carrying our most valuable possessions (ie, The Treats!!) and every time I get the vest out he knows we’ll be out for the whole glorious day!
You will have to remember that your dog is now wider and better placed to knock into things/people, as he will certainly forget!

As mentioned above, the vest load does need to be balanced, as even a half-kilo will see it fall lopsided. It may also go without saying, but lightweight canvas will *not* be 100% waterproof – Showers and light rain have not proven an issue, but all day out in heavy rain, or a good dunking while swimming across the river may dampen things just a bit… unless you thought to put things in plastic bags first, of course!
Mud is best left to dry before being brushed off, while more ingrained dirt can be hand-washed out. Lay the vest out flat and let it air-dry.

The Customer Service
For the UK market, OneTigris kit is mostly stocked and fulfilled by Amazon.co.uk. This means very fast delivery, often arriving next day. It also means simple and easy returns, if you need to exchange on sizes, colours or something.

OneTigris themselves are very friendly and open as well as keeping a close watch on their product pages, so if you have any problems, questions or perhaps even a custom requirement they do respond to feedback and direct contact, as well as being very active on the various social media sites.

Any Cons?
The only criticism I can find for this is the D-rings, on the ends of the straps that secure the outer pockets. They are heavy and can catch on low branches or dog leads, pulling the pockets open.

My dog is already a happy, handsome lad… but wherever we go, be it out working, going hiking, camping, to a show or just through town, his saddlebags are forever catching peoples’ attention – Seriously, they love seeing him as much as he loves being seen and remarks on his attire range from ‘clever’ to ‘cute’, ‘gorgeous’ and especially ‘awesome’. It’s a little weird, but even visiting Bath last month, we had more than one person asking if they could take a photo!

To sum up – A fantastic product that serves its purpose very well and is very typical of the quality and features present in OneTigris outdoor kit. Highly recommended and I’d buy this again in a heartbeat… Luckily I have two other dogs to spoil!
Paul D.
Raider likes a lot this pack and so do I. Well made, heavy canvas, stitching is strong. Raider will carry our water on walks when camping and even around the neighborhood without any complaints.
Kam Cas
This is a great pack for my German Shepherds. My female is about 68 lbs. and my male is about 92 lbs. He is such wider in the chest and the pack is adjustable where it fits both of them. There is a zipped pouch on each side and we are able to fit water bottles and water bowls. We use this for hiking and it is wonderful! Definitely recommend.
I love it so far! Got for our 80 pound retriever to go backpacking with us. Love how classic and natural this one looked compared to the bright colors and materials of some other dog packs. Fits him very well and he doesn't seem bothered by wearing it. Have just started to introduce him to it, so I will have to update later after our first official trek, but so far so good!
Katie Cooke
I have a very stocky chocolate lab who wore this pack on a 5 day backpacking trip. The fit was perfect and it rarely slipped to the side even after my dog jumped in the lakes and crossed rivers many times with it still on. Very durable and seemed to be very comfortable for my dog. I was able to carry 5 days worth of food, 4 booties, and a leash in the pack. Ive already recommended this product to a friend who also loves it!
I have a high energy dog and putting this on his back makes him behave better instantly. I bought it to help him loose weight but it's worked for more than that purpose.
I mostly use it when I take him to the store or when we are traveling in the airport. He holds all my stuff.
Stefanie Eidson
I have a 65# lab mix and a 55# German Shepard mix that I used this for behavior modification by filling each pocket with two water bottles. My dogs walk with a gentle lead so we did not attach the leash to the actual bag. My 2 older dogs loved wearing the backpacks and I’ll be sure to buy one for our 55# pup. Great quality and fast delivery off of Amazon.com.
Chyna Doll "tampaflgal"
I have a small 48 pound female yellow lab who LOVES her backpack! The straps are adjusted as small as I can get them and I have to “tie” up the hanging extra strap. I have worked my dog in 4 weeks up to 2.5 pounds in each pack.(started with a pound water bottle in each pack). My goal is to have 3 pounds in each pack. My purpose for the backpack was as a behavioral modification tool. She seems calmer when wearing this and doesn’t pull at all. She wears it daily on a 1.75 mile walk each morning. Too hot to wear in the evenings here still. I thought she would hate this pack but from the get go she stood still and let me “saddle” her up. This is very durable so far and has not shown any signs of wear or tearing. I am including a picture of her in her packs. She even almost looks like she is smiling wearing them!
Nelson Jones
Bag looks great and seems durable. It’s the perfect size to hold a fair amount of supplies but not be so big its bulky or saggy. The issue I had with it is that it did not stay even on my dogs back if the load was just slightly uneven. It would pull down on the slightly heavier side within moments of loading it. With that being said, it is a nice bag for the price. Just be very mindful of balance with loading it up
Gary O'Rourke
This is the best dog pack…canvas and straps are very rugged…our Labradoodle/Terrier mix loves it…we put a water bottle on both sides…food and treats..and anything else we need for her walks…makes her a working dog and helps with with her pulling when on leash..Absolutely love it…would recommend for anyone that needs to control their dog while on leash and saves us from lugging an extra backpack for them…
Michael Delaware
I just got my dog’s backpack in today. It fits perfectly for him. The straps were a little long, but I am having a friend sew on some Velcro after adjusting it to his size to pull these up and out of the way so they won’t hang down. I plan on testing it this weekend with a walk through a festival or some hiking trails, but I love it so far. It seems pretty durable and I like the quality of the material and the stitching. I have attached a few photos of my dog with it on. He seems pretty comfortable with it, but I have not tested it with any real weight yet. He can lay down comfortably with it, and also sit and walk around. It did not seem to bother him. Best of all, it seems to match the color of his ears pretty good too!
Kory Kinnick
This thing is just awesome – my dog mostly had no discomfort wearing it. One area that got too tight was the neck strap: when my dog sits, I have to undo that strap. I think a small extension will fix this though. The material is heavy duty, and there are plenty of pockets and pouches on it for treats, baggies, leash, etc. My dog looks great in this thing.
Product Qualities
This is a very sturdy, well-made product. The canvas has some heft to it and is a nice heavy weight. No issues with the stitching. I like the oversize zipper pulls as well. It should serve well in winter with gloves on etc. Although we just got ours the other day, we’ve already put in about 10 miles with it in different types of terrain. We followed some washed out creek beds, went up and down steep embankments, through thick brush, hardwood stands, and open easy going trails. The pack excelled in all areas. The pack does not shift at all. It stays right where it should centered on his back. I will say this though, i had equal weight on both sides (canned goods).

Behavioral Benefits
My dog didn’t exhibit any signs of discomfort, no tugging or pulling etc. He didn’t even look back at it after the first 50 feet or so. In fact, he seemed more focused while wearing it and definitely became more of a follower. He is trained to walk on my left side and not to walk ahead of me but from time to time has a tenancy to become distracted and drift about a foot further than he should. He didn’t need to be reminded one single time while wearing the pack. The affect of “having a job” produced a quite remarkable improvement in his focus.

My dog is an Airedale Terrier and is quite deep in the chest with a slim waist and a slender neck so i had some concerns as to whether or not it would fit correctly. The adjustment is maxed out on his waist and nearly maxed out on his chest. neck is fine. I wanted to add some photos with measurements for reference to help others that may be considering this pack. I know there are photos of a dog in the product page, but they don’t tell you anything about the dog. My dog stands 24″ at the shoulder and his chest is 29″ in diameter measured across the shoulder blades and just behind his armpits. He weighs 56 lbs. He’s only 2 and probably has some filling out to do, so the extra length on the straps is a good thing.

Final Thought
I use a martingale collar situated just behind the ears and jawline for all of our excursions, training sessions, etc. I did not use the ring on top of the pack the pack and truth be told, I wouldn’t try to use this as a harness. I’d likely just buy a proper harness for that. We currently don’t do any activities that require him to walk in front of me (scent tracking, sled pulling etc.). So we only tested it with him walking along side me. Bottom line, It’s clearly designed to be a backpack, not a harness. For those interested in being dragged behind their dog by a harness, you may want to explore other products.
Lane Carter
Pack and leash were made from great quality canvas. The stitching seems solid. Pack is super spacious, I was able to fit quite a bit of stuff in it! I would recommend this product to a family member or friend. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again
Great product! Needed a replacement because of a fluke zipper failure, the company quickly responded and replaced the product. The pack has excellent stitching and materials. My only recommendation would be to switch to stronger external zippers that are built for the outdoors. My malinois loves the pack and works great with it on. Would recommend
Built for Backpacking
I really like the quality of this product! The best thing about it is it's sturdiness.

On top of that the carrying capacity is much better than expected. I can fit two quart sized bags filled with lentils together in one pocket, plus extra little items in the outside pocket! I am very happy with my purchase.
Abigail E Warren
We love this dog pack and the dog loves wearing it! The first one that we got had a malfunction and the company sent us a new one free of charge.
trevor w smith
Lovely bit of Kit !! bella took to it after about a minute, and now loves it, ideal for Her survival kit !!made to measure..
This is wonderful! We have a Doberman and this fits perfectly, we take it with us when we go on long hikes and he carries his water bowl, poo bags, treats and whatever else. Plus its super cute!
Our dog looks so proud when we put this on her back. I think she feels like she has a purpose now, aside from providing unconditional love. It looks and feels like it is very high quality, but is much cheaper (cost wise) than some of the other packs out there. We have yet to actually do a field test with it, but we've been filling the pockets with random objects to see how it holds up with her just walking around - and so far, so good. Also, the leash that came with it is very strong and feels a lot nicer than our old, standard leash. So overall, I would recommend this product.
Nice canvas bag perfict for day trip or hike.
to small for weeks camping
Luke Martin
This is a great backpack for our lab mix rescue dog. We increased the weight slowly by adding baggies of 1/2 cup uncooked rice every few days. It's currently less than 10% of her body weight. She is instantly calm when her backpack goes on and ready to do her job on her walks. It doesn't chafe and doesn't interfere with potty or sit commands. I love it!!
I use this to weigh down my energetic dog. A couple of water bottles fit easy in the side pockets. Alternatively, a collapsible bowl sits in and so do his snacks. Very helpful for dogs who pull a lot! Sits high on the shoulders, which is better for the back. Easy to clip in and stable. Very adjustable. This fit a 77lb dog very well.
siobhan harris
This dog backpack is brilliant and great quality. It fits my dog great who is collie size. Can’t wait for our adventures together.
Billy Kurilko
Fits on my 60lb lab nicely, and even fits well over his normal leashed harness. There are two adjustable straps that connect beneath, and another adjustable strap that loops around the front of the neck/chest. You can get a nice fit with them and the pack stays in place while walking, but it may become uncomfortable for a dog to lay down or curl up while wearing it.

Carries his important dog stuff just fine, doesn’t bother him at all, and seems durable enough to last for ages.
Our dog loves his new job of carrying water bottles on walks. He is a border collie and this is just what we were looking for to help train him. He is much more attentive while wearing this. Plus we get to put all his treats and our gear in the bag.
Love this travel bag for our 29 pound Rat Terrier/Jack Russell. We hung it over his back a few minutes at a time until he got used to the weight of it before strapping it on. Now we take him walking wearing his pack so he'll be comfortable wearing it in case we ever have to use it as his emergency go-bag. It fits well, it's very durable and has lots and lots of pockets. I couldn't be happier with this product.
Stefanie Eidson
I have a 65# lab mix and a 55# German Shepard mix that I used this for behavior modification by filling each pocket with two water bottles. My dogs walk with a gentle lead so we did not attach the leash to the actual bag. My 2 older dogs loved wearing the backpacks and I’ll be sure to buy one for our 55# pup. Great quality and fast delivery off of Amazon.com.

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