Do you eye other people's pooches or dream about getting your own Spot or Lassie or Marley? Answer these 3 questions and let's see what kind of dog suits you.

  • Q1: If you were a teacher, what kind of students would you look forward to having the most?
  • A. Clever ones
  • B. Playful ones
  • C. Quiet ones. 
  • Q2: When you travel, do you do a pre-trip research first?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No.
  • Q3. Would you be able to live with a sloppy roommate?
  • A. Sure
  • B. No


AAA -> Alaskan Malamute - Calm, docile companions that also aren't yappers, ideal for owners wanting quiet company. 

AAB -> Dobermann - Excellent memory, obervation and learning skills, and with enough emotions to mirror your own. A highly intelligent companion.

ABA -> German Shepherd - Intelligent, loyal, obedient, the kind of dog that you can train quickly and show off to the crowd!

ABB -> Mixed-breed - Intelligent and faithful, with few health issues, the down-to-earth type of dog suitable for all.

BAA -> Samoyed - Sweet, lovable and friendly Samoyeds are a favorite for people looking for cuddly companions.

BBA -> Golden Retriever - A highly popular choice of companion dogs that can be both playful and obedient. Golden retrievers are known for their goofy smiles and lovable personality.

BAB -> Rottweiler - Active and playful dogs that love to roll in the mud and get on the road with you.

BBB -> Akita - Loyal, brave, calm and strong willed Akitas are ideal for all kinds of owners.

CAA -> Bernese Mountain - These giants are loyal and sometimes adorably slow, ideal for owners with children.

CAB -> Labrador Retriever - These pups love to chase balls, play in the water, turn into a full-time foodie, and steal people's hearts away.

CBA -> Siberian Husky - These good-looking fellas are delightful companions that learn fast and grow on you very easily.

CBB -> Shiba Inu - The proud and noble Shiba Inus are perfect for owners looking for poised and elegant companion dogs.

Editor: "Labradors and I are the perfect match. How about you?"