Last month, OneTigris sponsored the Michigan Department of Corrections and Alger Facility Shooting Team in their annual shooting competitions. These competitions are for law enforcement personnel only and we supplied them with gun holsters and leather products for friendly competitions, tryouts, and to raise some funds for good causes. 
The Alger Chapter Shooting Team is a branch of the Michigan Department of Corrections Shooting Organization (MDOC). The MDOC was established by Director Heidi Washington  and they compete at national law enforcement shooting competitions.   
Each Chapter Shooting Team can hold shooting competitions to help raise money to send teams to these events. Most other Chapters throughout the State hold Police Pistol Completions (PPC) and Bullseye Competitions. The Alger Chapter Shooting team was the first in the state to run a Tactical Police Competition (TPC), with 14 members on it from the facility. 
The team has also competed at other IDPA and IPSC style shoots at privately owned clubs, and are hoping to someday compete on a national level to the Tactical Games. They partner up with local gun clubs and the partnerships create a great sense of community and add value to the sport and the hard effort of all those involved. 
Photo Credit: Jason Hubble, Alger Chapter Shooting Team